Zlatan is not Exciting on European Nights

The tempo was high yet again last night at the Etihad Stadium, as European money giants, Manchester City and PSG clashed at the second leg of the UEFA champions league in England.

PSG were without midfield virtuoso, Marco Veratti and as expected Parisian faithful inclined hoped to their Swedish mercurial forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic’. It was Zlatan’s 46th game at the Knock out stage of the UEFA champions’ league and a closer shot at European glory that had eluded him for over a decade.

Zlatan though lacked supply of balls from the midfield, but his lackluster performance on European night continued. He could not replicate the magical moments, he has been known for at the domestic league. Again like the night against Barcelona last season, he was anonymous. The agility, ingenuity and prowess typical of Zlatan were missing again at the Etihad.

In November 2013, Zlatan took to social media to rant over Sweden’s inability to quality for the 2014 world cup. His post stated: “I think the World Cup needs Zlatan more than Ronaldo. Nobody can rival me for excitement“. Whose fault if Zlatan could not produce the needed performance to send Sweden to the World cup. While Zlatan was missing at the Etihad last night, it was a Cristiano Ronaldo show at the Santiago Berbaneu as he solitarily ran rout of Wolfsburg.

From Ajax, Juventus, Inter Milan, Ac Milan, Barcelona and now PSG. Home supporters have never chanted Zlatan’s name on European nights. No one truly rivals Zlatan for excitement and kinesthetic soccer ornamentation but on European Nights he has always been less than anonymous.

Aladeloba Tunde. Content Manager TDM

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