You Are A Virtuous Woman

I am looking for words to describe your graciousness.

My lyrical repository is void of Adjectives for you.

I would start anyways. Hope you like what I write about you.

Ruby won’t replace you, Gold can’t apprehend your elegance. You have become a model to excellence – as dignity learns of you.

Your eyes are pretty, in your heart resides love. Your laughter is a delight as your smile ignites life.

You refused a confluence for our lips, though your soul burned – as lust raced through the vessel of our souls. The fire in our body you assuaged. Who does this at the climax of libidinal flame – virtuous women. You said something about chastity.

You know how to cry, like the fictitious Hollywood misery . Unabashed, yet glistening are your tears. You don’t wail, cause you say “ Life is not a funeral – but somethings are worth our tears.

The way of you and God, I will never understand. It’s a mystery too deep for me. You praise like it’s your final shot – and worship like it’s all we have come to do.

You pray like there is no alternative – whispers, vocal eruptions and then sweet foreign utterances – language of the spirit.

You are void of the volition to chase your dreams – God interrupted you. It’s days and you haven’t moved, why? You say it’s the point of communion – God is making friends with you.

You are not righteous nor perfect– just faith attracting Heaven’s culture.

You have your struggles – toils accompanied by the sweats of heroics. You have scars of imperfection – memorials of your humanity.

You found me in a lost valley – became my reflector. Passing light through my dark expedition.

Life is not a championship you say – yet i must emerge a champion in my race. Who should I be better than? Myself and you gave me the will to be.

You are a weapon for me – the anchor that sails my ship through this voyage.

I have felt paradise with you, your love has touched me and with your infectious enthusiasms, I can live in the sky.

That I may know your name – so you become home for me.

We haven’t met.




Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover

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Aladeloba Babatunde

Aladeloba Babatunde

Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover

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