Who Is Against You?

The Subjugation of an ordained Conqueror

Aladeloba Babatunde
2 min readAug 9, 2016


1. It shall not stand, it shall not come to past. Calamity will not find you, in six, harm will not befall you.

2. Your enemies shall be at peace with you, evil conspiracy will not find you. Thousands shall fall at thy side, None shall come near you.

3. Who locked thy effectual door? Cankerworm ravaging thy first son. Visible and numerable are your bones, gaunt is your structure. Arrows in your soul, Grape tastes finer than your tongue.

4. Sheol organizing a banquet, the grave awaiting a freshman. The enemy make a buffet of your flesh and your blood is thy adversary’s snackbar. At the pool of adversity you bath and bed of affliction you lay.

5. When did the Lord go deaf, who has incapacitated his hands? Whose accusation did the Lord consider, does he now pervert Justice? Will you make the Lord repent?

6. Heaven didn’t hear your tears, Gabriel didn’t search your petition. How did Persia hold your praise and to whom is this malevolent worship? Hope this blabbing isn’t tongues?

7. Sorek you go down every day, Samson never returned. Your lips are home to deceit and evil has found abode in your mouth. Your father’s bed you went up, still you covet thy neighbor’s Ass.

8. Cain’s offering are acceptable to yours (you habitual robber of God). You conceive evil against your brother and plot thy master’s fall. The pleasure of cursing thy father and the glamour of rebuking thy mother. Anathem!!!

9. You have regarded iniquity, he won’t hear. His eyes are holy and his fingers are resistant to filth. Carnality is enmity with God. It’s a parallel relationship. You have alienated Grace…..

10. Absalom lacked capacity to overthrow the King. David’s licentious conglomerate empowered the charges. A conceived-perpetrated inglorious debauchery. Profanity.

11. His love wont take a vacation, the irreversibility of a Grace-filled covenant. His mercy is without end, enriched with great faithfulness.

12. Nothing shall separate the love. Not your desires or temptations. God is still for you, Who then is against you? David went after Bathsheba….. Who is funding thy sin enterprise?