Aladeloba Babatunde
2 min readNov 15, 2016


It was on Friday, November 11 2016 students, teachers and school administrators of Baylor University, Texas came out in their hundreds to walk against racism. White Americans, African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans and all Appendage-Americans came out in consonance to express their views against racism and other forms of malignant segregation.

Natasha Nkhama, whom was racially harassed by a white boy on the school sidewalk was moved to tears by the avalanche of students who came to support her and other forms of racism. Natasha was shoved aside, with the label “no nigga is allowed on the block

“Another male student came to her defense, saying the behavior wasn’t okay, Nkhama recalled. But the blond student who used the racial slur called out a line from Trump’s campaign slogan, Nkhama said, declaring: “I’m just trying to make America great again.”

The students who in their numbers skipped class activities walked Natasha to class before dispersing. They held hands showing the unity of their hearts and what we can achieve if we look beyond our skin colours. The March started with the hash tag #IWALKWITHNATASHA which had over 3,000 mentions on Twitter.

It’s been over three centuries when the first racial comment went commercial in the US and it doesn’t seem to be mitigating. White kids and young adults are being groomed to be intolerant, and abusive of other humans who don’t share their Caucasian looks. Migrant-American et al have always been victims of job discriminations, educational enrolment bias, legal and security prejudice. The last four years witnessed a monumental increase in blacks who died from police homicides; African American have continually become victims of fatal police shootings. Approximately 900 blacks were killed by whites (cops and citizens) in the last four years. There are over 50 reports of racial abuse every month, resulting in violence.

America, the world perceives as a leader in all appearance. The nation is the imagery and chief stakeholder of economic and social matters globally. America has a prejudice rate of over 20%, which tells that 20 in every native American is intolerant of a migrant. The control of international bodies(UN,UNESCO etc) all have their provenance in America. The fight against all ideas and forms of prejudice should start with the American nation. If we would make the world great, America must legislate and enforce egalitarian laws for every member of her society. We must understand that Black(Natasha)lives matter, Hispanic(Camilla)lives matter, Islamic(Slimani)lives matter and most importantly all lives matter.

Photo Credit: Marissa Elaine