What Teenagers' Think of Dominion in the Home

Last Sunday, I was assigned to teach Sunday School at the Teens church.

The topic was "who can give us dominion", continuation of a series in the New RCCG calendar year.

We started off with a revision of the previous class, defining dominion, and getting to know their view of dominion.

One Teenager defined dominion as supremacy, another says it's 'absolute power'.

The class reeled in laughter when one guy defined dominion as the 'ability to dominate', like who includes parent word to make definitions.

Somewhere in the lesson, I used the home to make an illustration of dominion.

I made an attempt to show that Daddy had absolute power in the home over mummy - narrating that though mummy could suggest meals, but we eat whatever Daddy wants and boom the class exploded.

They disagreed in unison, like they had it all planned

"It’s a lie"

"I don’t agree with you"

"We eat what my mummy says we should eat"

"OK Guys, let’s cut it and return to the teachings" I said

They insisted on having a final word on that subject, so I let them.

One of them said, the mother makes the food, and the father has no choice than to eat what she cooks.

Another fired by saying, If my mummy wants rice, that’s it and my daddy dares not disagree or eat out.

I was stunned, but they all looked at me like, Uncle Tunde, you should know better.

I insisted that Fathers have absolute power in the home, with evidence from the scriptures.

Nevertheless, their reactions showed they didn’t agree with me or the Bible, when it comes to this particular subject.

More than 85% of Teenagers available for the teaching, insisted that their mothers had dominion over food matters in the home.

Well, the class ended on a good note, as we acknowledged that Only God can give a man dominion, through Jesus Christ.

However, the opinions had me wondering if Daddy’s values are still valid in the home.

Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover

Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover