Aladeloba Babatunde

Dec 19, 2016

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How we think God as a lie: The New Age Christianity

Adam and Eve were the first humans God created. God made Adam, giving him specific instructions on how to lead his life. Adam received instructions on relationship, career, destiny and food. Adam communicated all these information to Eve, with projections on the consequences of doing other wise (Gen2:16-17).

Adam and Eve soared excellently in their daily routine and relationship with God. A certain day, when going about their daily routine. They came in contact with the serpent. They exchanged pleasantries with the serpent and continued on their sojourn. The serpent stopped them and said to the woman. Did God say you should not eat of any tree? Yes, she replied. We must not touch the tree in the middle of the garden or we will die. (Gen3:2-3).This was a post conversation of existing dialogue between the woman and the serpent. There was a an existential relationship between the woman and the serpent. Bible recorded, and he said unto the woman. Implying Eve and serpent had a casual relationship which Adam knew about. They had a talking relationship. The serpent deceived the woman saying, You will surely become like God knowing what is Good and Evil, and God doesn’t want this. The woman had been defeated in her mind, she looked at the tree and saw that the fruit was good for food. She ate part of it and gave some to her husband, Adam who was there with her (Gen3:4-6). Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, disbelieving God. What they did was to call God a liar, as they went against his commandments. They wanted to be like God on account of the serpents revelation. They didn’t end up like God, they ended up with shame and reproach (Gen3:7). A causative of the sin nature, Jesus came to ameliorate.

Jesus died on the cross of Calvary for the remission of the sins of mankind. He paid the price for a crime he didn’t commit. He became sin for us. The Ultimate redemption of our imminent journey to Hell. Jesus gave us two commandments: firstly, love the Lord thy God with thy heart and soul. Secondly, love thy neighbour as thy self. Repudiation of these commandments is enmity with God, predicating on disregard to God. Every time we sin, we violate the commandments. We make a lie out of God’s instructions. We doubt the benefits and consequences. We say with our mouths that God cannot lie, but our hearts and actions says otherwise. Every sin committed is doubting God and making a liar out of Jehovah.

We have substituted marital heterosexual relationship, with immorality and called it freedom of expression. We call homosexuality and transgender, obligation to social rights. We label fund misappropriation, our portion of the budgetary cake. Disloyalty to our parents, we call youthful exuberance. Worship of other gods, we call homage to Caesar. We deprive masses access to basic human needs and call it economic crisis. We have used religion to make enmity between the poor and called it terrorism. We have polluted the media and called it art. We adorn indecent robes and call it fashion. We abuse our wives and call it sexism, we have disregarded our husband and says it’s gender equality. The corrosion of the gospel, we call Grace. Monetization of Jesus, we call prosperity. We challenge God and call it grievances.

Korah, Dathan and Abiram expressed their grievances, God smote them by allowing the Earth swallow them up. (Num16:32). Korah and Co. doubted God’s capacity and Authority. They attempted to bring God’s great name to disrepute. King Seneccharib told Hezekiah, even your God cannot save you (2Kings18:35b). That was the turning point of the battle. He attempted war against God. He derided God’s might, strength and Majesty. God first killed 185,000 of his soldiers in one day, then consumed him in his temple (Isaiah37:36,38). King Nebuchadnezzar exuded pride and called it lifestyle, he was made to live among animals for seven years (Daniel3:28-32). Belshazzar desecrated God’s table and called it celebration of affluence. He did detestable things in the eyes of the Lord and wondered what would God do? His life and kingdom were taken on the very Night (Daniel5). We are scaling earthly laws over God’s commandments and calling it civic responsibility. We have turned God’s house to secular abodes and called it social redemption. Every sin committed is disregard to the supremacy of God and thinking to make a lie out him. The word of God is not in us and we are devoid of the seed of truth, that’s why we continue sinning. The indignation of God is real, he is a consuming fire. He consumed Herod Agrippa1 in his wrath. Herod assumed the position of God, after incarcerating a convener of the gospel (Acts12:3,21-23).

God is not slow concerning what he says he will do, he Is waiting for us all to come to repentance (2Pet3:9). We have been proven guilty via the word, yet we say we have no sin (1John1:8) We claim to be contemporary Christians, trying to make Jesus modern. Christ lives in the future, he died for everyone who would pass the surface of the earth. Jesus did a propitiation of Adams damage on the cross of Calvary. The world and it’s desires pass away(1John2:17), and the end Is here already. Let’s do away with the works of the flesh and put on Christ. God is not man to lie (Num23:19), it is our indebtedness to the sin nature and allegiance to works of the flesh that contends with God’s word. God is incapacitated of telling a lie, because in him is light and no darkness(1John1:5), which doesn’t constrain his being terrific and indignant. We are still thinking if God is true, we are justifying the Judge. We are on a case to design suitable and new age conditions for our road to heaven. Knowing the terror of God, We therefore persuade all men. (2Cor5:11).

To access the life of a Victor. You must have a relationship with Jesus. Confess Jesus as your Lord and savior today, believing he died for your sins and resurrected for your justification.

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