Aladeloba Babatunde

May 19, 2017

2 min read

Treat Your Body Well

Your body is a temple and that’s all you have got for this life. You might never qualify for another – unless a miracle. None that I know of.

A regular and clean bath are two different but pertinent need. Every member of the body deserves the king’s treatment not just the elements of media. Else – the media will someday find out there are slaves in your body parts.

We all like chocolate and processed foods. Easy to come bye and saves us all the stress of cooking fumes and fuel worries. Snacks are not bad, vegetables are just healthier. Good food is not always appetizing – it’s just a diet that is balanced. It might not always come 3 times, but never miss breakfast and dinner.

Water is second to oxygen, take more of it. Your organs will burst forth in praise.

Ever heard of fruits, keeps you flourishing. Build a garden if you can – you will be grateful you did.

Sex is sweet – I never tasted it though. It’s just a feeling I experienced when I was unsaved, as I was unmarried. Sex is for those married couples to relax, express intimacy, exercise their hormonal muscles and fill the earth. It is not the shambolic charade of gymnastics we do these days. It’s not a competition – there is no reputation in body count. Your body gets hurt, when it is used and not loved. There are ears beneath your skin. It hears the conversation of the heart. Take a break, close your legs – don’t get your hormones weary. Wait, I mean wait. Trust me on this.

Exercise is the stock market of healthy living. Your body will reap dividends in due course. Get off your car – Take a stroll to the church down the road. Your flat is mini, start with jiggle through the perimeter. This is the top retirement plan for your body – the clinic will never write you.

Close your eyes, shut your thoughts and wander through the night space. Snuggle in your bed like a child – Sleep denied is checking if antiseptic are consumables. Your body will call and ask you for it – remember, no one can sleep for you. Enjoy it now. Reschedule the date, call off the meeting and get into bed. You will feel like a toddler at dawn.

Treat your body like a king – not a deity. Honour it- not worship. You didn’t create it, Grace just bestowed your soul with it.

Lest I forget – admire yourself. You don’t need my opinion to validate the wonder that you are.

Take Care of your body.

Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover

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