The Voyage To Genesaret

Aladeloba Babatunde
5 min readSep 5, 2016


Approximately, 2,000 years ago in Jerusalem a group of men had gone into a ship, sailing from Galilee to Genesaret. They had just concluded one of the most strenuous jobs ever, feeding over Twelve thousand persons. They were only twelve. Bible recorded Five thousand men though, church gender count analytics says more women attend Christian functions than men. Each person distributed food to at least one thousand person in undocumented time frame. It was an energy consuming job, they were all tired. The voyage to Genesaret was a quiet one, each person lay in his cabin just somnambulating about the just concluded retreat. They had another expedition in Genesaret, so it was profitable to conserve energy through rest. As expected, the tidal waves would toss on high sea. With ocean height at about 6,000 feet above sea level. And it was definitely going to be cold at such heights. The cold increased beyond measure and the ship began to subside violently. The ship was tilting and appeared to be submerging.

The first man got up to find out what the problem was, he couldn’t open the ship entrance door. The wind seized the door and slammed against his face. He called for help from the other eleven, whom were already behind him. They all contributed strength and were able to get the door opened. Now it was clear, the wind was on rampage. An air-in-motion turbulence. They were all in awe, the wind was denying them of the Much needed rest for the task ahead. They had no idea of what to do. Master was not around to calm the wind like he always did. They were all pretty concerned, scared and feared for their lives. Why didn’t master come with them on this journey they must have thought? A few must have conceived the idea that master foreknew the wind, that’s why he didn’t come along. Varying thoughts of fear, racing through their individual minds.

One of the disciples caught the sight of a human creature walking on water. This intensified the timidity in their hearts, terror and great trouble seized them. A moment of bete noire. They were divided over the identity of whom was approaching them and walking on water. They thought it was a ghost, no human had the capacity to walk on water. The gravitational pull on man is greater than the surface tension of water. Surface tension and density makes it impossible for man to walk on water. Only substances very less dense than water can float on a body of water. Water striders (insects)float on water because of their very low density and ability for their legs to repel water. Water is a very mobile liquid, so it’s viscosity(resistance to deformation) is quite low. That is why a stone goes straight to the end of a bucket of water. Now, here was someone who had the physiology of a man walking towards them, defiling nature. Jesus, seeing they were in great terror, revealed his identity. It is I, be of good cheer and do not be afraid. What sense does this make thought Thomas? Until you get here I don’t believe he concluded in his heart. Very doubtful Apostle. Why should you fuel the fear I am experiencing already, I would come to you to be assured muttered Peter. He got on the sea, very ambitious. A pioneering and enthusiastic fellow. Then the wind became intense again, Peter lost energy and began to sink. He took his eyes of Jesus. O ye of little faith, why did thou doubt asked Jesus.

The road to destiny, is filled with obstacles, impediments and faith bashing waves. There are points where your ship will be on the verge of sinking. You will lose your job, your enterprise will collapse. Your relationship will be troubled. The enemy will afflict you, adversities beyond intellectual comprehension will surface. It’s the revolutionary phase of life. Your enemy knows if he doesn’t stop you there, you will become unstoppable. The disciples were supposed to be resting and making mental plans for the next event. The wind denied them both. You will lose rest on every side. You will experience only fear and terror. Jesus will show up amidst the turmoil but the devil will keep you from recognizing him. The enemy will manipulate and give you mirage sights. The Apostles who had walking-talking relationship with Jesus didn’t recognize him. They saw a ghost. What or who do you see? Jesus, Devil or the wind. What you see determines your expectations. Sight and reaction are equal and opposite. Jesus started the work of rescue by walking on the sea to energize their faith. He came to their rescue before they called him, he is already working out something. Just a little more patience. Before you call he will answer, while you are still speaking not praying. He will hear. (Isa65:24). Christ knows what you are going through. Begin to see Jesus at work, take your mind of the devil’s manipulative works.

Peter was already steady through the storm and sea waves, until the devil sounded like a roar. Take your eyes of the storm and your ears of the roar. Give life to imagery of victorious works of Jesus. Jesus will never allow you sink, he stretched out his hand immediately Peter said, Lord save me.You are so precious in his sight, he bore your sins; was bruised and endured the cross for your sake. He didn’t do that for the Angels and instantly he gave you authority in his name. No devil, demon or witchcraft can withstand the name of Jesus. What works of affliction are you going through. They are trials of Faith. The devil knows if you get to Genesaret, his kingdom is in trouble. He wants to stagnate you, steal your joy and kill you on the high sea. He Is a Liar. Whatever level, the trial of Faith is, don’t give up on Jesus. Don’t try Baal. Beelzebub can’t stand against Beelzebub. Never bow to foreign gods or masquerade of righteousness. Neither Beelzebub nor Baal walked on the sea, only Jesus did. That’s the evident operation of the Holy Ghost. So put your trust in Jesus today and free your mind of worries. Intellectual capacity can’t defeat the devil. Jesus did that for you 2,000 years ago, he bruised his head at Calvary and gave you victory. Hallelujah!! Now look at that storm, and rebuke it with Authority ‘in the name of Jesus”.Congrats, victory is yours. I will see you at Genesaret, where we will both do exploits for God’s kingdom.

To access the life of a Victor. You must have a relationship with Jesus. Confess Jesus as your Lord and savior today, believing he died for your sins and resurrected for your justification