Aladeloba Babatunde

May 23, 2017

2 min read

The Other Name For Life is LIFE

My father once said something about helter-skelter.

Chemistry lessons Called it entropy.

I learnt it’s the mutiny that comes with life.

Life is charming, comely, glamorous. It’s a place filled with beautiful sights – a residential for aesthetics.

You will find happiness, laughter, joy, warmth, peace, fruition. You will meet what is called luck – others will say it’s Grace. Either-ways you will be favoured. You will love the earth and never want to leave. People will compliment you and smile at you.

You won’t need to be brave, offer sacrifices or get in a fellowship. The mountains will be recreational – you will be amused by the storm. You will find comfort with strangers – the fragrance of flowers will charm you.

Life is also rebellious – very. You can’t prepare enough.

You will find anger, discomfort, anguish and hurts. The one who lit your face will delight in your misery. People will use you – derogatively. You will be bent without your consent, for dishonoring causes. Anguish will be found in arms of companions.

You would stop loving the mountains – the storms from above will upturn your boat. I hope you know how to swim. No one told you flowers comes with thorns. You will bleed, cause life will prick you.

Life will offer you weakness and your heart will be opened to hatred. If you are part of those with a religion – your deity will betray you.

Acknowledge that all these are part of life. It doesn’t always need your permission to charm or rebel at you.

You don’t own life – you met it in this space.

Life doesn’t respect you, it will break your laws.

Find a balance, with the thorns comes lessons. Mountains teaches strength and the storm has tutorials on courage.

Never Forget this- the same Earth that makes champions, makes losers and in all life is always triumphant.

Life is just being Life.

Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover

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