The One Piece of Advice my Friend Gave me Before Moving to A new Apartment

Aladeloba Babatunde
2 min readJul 17, 2022

Recently, my flatmate moved out of the apartment which we had both shared for about five years. He is a graphic designer, owns a fast growing lifestyle brand and remains one of the most committed muslim i know.

The night that preceded his moving out, he took me for dinner, and here is the one piece of advice he gave me.

Honor all men, he said.

No man can live as an island, we were designed to be dependent on others for ideas, support, and help. We will have to reach out to other men to attain certain heights in life — a job recommendation, business referrals, and even relationship recommendations are areas where we need other men.

Honor is a currency in the relationship market. Honor is a medium of exchange within the relationship ecosystem.

There is so much currency to which we attract relationships, but honor seems to be the most integral.

Money, value creation, idea exchange, and power are potent currencies in maintaining relationships, but honor remains vital.

Honor is reverence or esteem for another person. It shows regard for a person and all that concerns them. When you honor your neighbor, you do not badge into their homes without consent.

A person whom you honor is more likely to associate with you because honor makes others feel good.

Nelson Mandela said, “since the dawn of history, mankind has always been in search of honor”.

All our lives, we demand to be treated with the utmost respect. What this means is that your neighbor wants you to respect his privacy, your partner wants you to protect their shortcomings, and your cook desires that you don’t think less of him.

People are excited when you honor them, and on the flip side, such a person wants to exchange the gesture or look for ways to make good things happen to you.

One of the ways to honor people is to accept their flaws, without humiliating them. You resist the urge to embarrass your friend, or colleague when they do something that is not appropriate. When you honor people, you do not call them out for their weaknesses, rather you work on how to help them improve their weaknesses.

Debby Mayne, writer at ‘the Spruce, said people think less of you when you dishonor others or make fun of them.

In a recent survey in the US, workers say they show less care to colleagues who do not honor them, while female employees say they find male counterparts who are rude as being unattractive.

Honor takes a lot of effort, it will require you to be humble. Showing respect to friends, neighbors, and coworkers will benefit you in life.