The Hijabification Of Barbie

My Friend, Okunade Hammed(Head of Design, Hello Food Africa) schemed a displeasing and reverberating sound as we all gathered to see a movie. Haneefa is trending globally, he said as he left the room to make call.

Haneefa Adam is a Masters degree holder in medical sciences in UK. She got entrance into global spotlight as she hijabified Barbie calling the doll ‘Hijarbie’.

Barbie is the skinny doll with makeover in skimpy clothes to identify with the girl child. Hijarbie on the other hand is a diversified Barbie with veils and flowing abayas.

The new looking dolls took social media by storm, when Haneefa posted images which has received over 50,000 internet interactions and Haneefa receiving commendations for her creativity.

The world had been used to Barbie being scantily-clad in skimpy tops and hot pants.

Over the years Barbie’s outfit as sparked controversies, parents have been worried as girls before teen age begin to emulate the immodest model, Barbie.

It is also believed that girls while growing up do have non conventional conversations with the doll, and resulting counsel is dependent on Barbie’s outward appearance.

While there is no substantial evidence for the claim, it is not untrue as it is justiciable in the ‘child psychology witness box’. When interviewed by CNN, Haneefa was quoted saying: “I thought it was really important for a doll to be dressed like how I would be. She described Hijarbie as a doll that provides role model for Muslim girls.

Barbie’s hijabification means young Muslim girls have an alternative representing their religious background.

In response to criticism that Hijarbie is Caucasian and does not represent Haneefa. Hijarbie is not a function of doll colour, it’s an expression of propriety in sartorial, representing the voice of the Muslim girl.

Hijarbie represents the girl in Islam and not the African-Muslim lady. Dark coloured or White skinned, what’s exciting is we have a doll that is adorned in Hijab.

Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover

Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover