One Audacious Reason why God is MINDFUL of Man

Aladeloba Babatunde
4 min readMar 15, 2018



What is man that you are mindful of him — King David Jesse

I am the last child of my parents, and like the typical African home, I was closely knitted to my father as a child. I always awaited my father’s return from the day’s job, as he never failed to put me on his shoulder even on stressful days.

He always looked forward to us both taking evening stroll in the woods or have me dine with him at any of the day’s meals.

My father cared so much about me, further than his 1985 Land Rover and his little poultry. I was at the centre of his mind, and he puts my interests in everything he does.

Until I reached adolescent before I understood, why my father’s thought was filled with my interests, beyond all his acquisitions.

I am my father’s image, a representation of his biological and divine effort.

Neither his poultry or Land Rover could represent him.

David’s Inquiry into God’s Mindfulness of man

The psalmist David after meditating on the supremacy of God asked why God had His mind full of man. David examined the works of God, the heavens, Angels and everything in creation. He discovered that all God created was done in excellence, perfection and beyond the capacity of any man.

The splendor of everything in creation was assumed supreme to man, yet the whole of God’s thought was centred on man. From Adam to Jesus, God had man in mind — even when man fell. God immediately fashioned a measure to see that man was not in shame by clothing him with leaves — what was God doing there? He was protecting someone who had been made in His very image.

God had the interest of Adam at heart, despite his rebellion.

Even, when I failed exams or behaved inappropriately, though it hurt my father, he still brought forth options ensuring my happiness.

Physics defined image has the reflection of any object in the presence of a plane mirror. It’s what a man sees when he looks in the mirror, and at every time, like God, we are obliged to protecting our image.

Because in most incidences the image reflects the true nature of the object.

There is an African Aphorism that states “Se o Fe Ba oruko Idile Je,” which questions if a person wants to destroy the name and prestige of a family.

Despite all wealth gathered, luxury cars, and architectural edifices among others — the thoughts of men are centred on their sons because children and not material possessions reflect the image of men.

There is no pride in being a successful entrepreneur and failing in your fatherly role — that’s why God testified concerning Abraham, that he would teach everything concerning righteousness to his children (Gen 18:19).

God foreknew, that the moral character and image of Isaac is a requisite to preserving, the lineage of the Messiah.

Something about the Messiah

The psalmist was prophetic about the Messianic agenda and the salvation plan. He considered man’s fallen state and continuous romance with sin. David was trying to understand why despite the Excellency of the heavens and every other creation — God’s mind was fixated on rebellious man.

If Israel was not grumbling, the gentile nations were going to be involved in sexual immorality or worshiping their foreign gods. Amidst all of these, God had a salvation plan to rescue the whole of humankind from eternal damnation, and this thing puzzled David. God wasn’t saving only Israel or Jesus’ kinsmen, but every man who was going to confess Christ as Lord and savior.

Why is God’s mind full of man?

Scripture references that man was made in the image of the living God, so every person reading this article is a mirror image of God. I am not talking about your disposition or bodily features, but that when God was forming you in your mother’s womb — He had Himself in mind. He created man to be like him in spirit, and the body is just a vessel for expression.

So there is a conditioning, as a vessel of God’s Holy Spirit, you should act like God on earth and the psalmist continues; ye are gods, a deputy of the most high (Psalm 82:6).

Therefore, whatever state man finds himself, God is concerned about that man. When Adam fell, He immediately positioned the salvation agenda.

God remained concerned about the children of Israel through the Exodus and the dispensation of the prophets. And for the foreign nations he says, I will make them a people and them that didn’t seek me will find me. This means that God is interested in every man.

God desires that we exhibit His nature, because when we fall short — it becomes a concern to him. That’s why his eyes move to and fro to see whose heart is fixed entirely on him. And when your heart has slipped, he provides a propitiation in Christ that all may not be destroyed but come to repentance.

God is concerned about man, because we represent Him. Neither the moon, the Angels nor anything in the heavens was made in God’s image.

So, whether you are in distress, underperforming or even soaring high, God’s got you in mind.

In every of God’s Agenda, he considers how it will be favourable to man.

You are God’s Image and deserve that He is Mindful of you.