Technology: Electronic Learning Needs Our Clicks.

The process of knowledge acquisition has evolved with time. Technology has played a role in this evolvement, from markerboards, digital boards to projectors. Today, we now have electronic learning system which includes: Online video streaming, downloadable vídeo and audio contents, e-books. Technology has been reported to grant students a better learning experience.

Learning is to acquire new knowledge or modify and reaffirm existing knowledge and values. It guarantees retention, understanding and application of knowledge for appropriate usage at a required time. Does technology actually fulfill the afore mentioned statement? Technology has brought platforms for learning closer and more comfortable. Today, we can learn from the corners of our room, in a cab, the mall and everywhere we have digital devices. The arrival of smart phones and other devices that can acess cyber space is what i call the 21st century GoodNews. Smart devices, social media are all avenues created by technology to help us learn more conveniently.

The youtube videos, internet posts, social media compedium that needs our smartphone downloads wont get activated without our aid. Social media will remain domant without us getting on twitter or instagram, the internet posts will remain unread, likewise our smartphones will not fulfill it’s desinged potential without our clicks. Let us not forget that humans like us put up youtube videos, wrote the online posts and generated the twitter nuggets.

In as much as technology has offered us a lifeline, it needs our help to enhance our learning, though it has created a platform for acquisition of knowledge, it wont help us acquire these values without our finger clicks.

Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover

Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover