Teachings of The Super Apostles

Aladeloba Babatunde
3 min readJul 26, 2017


Apostle Paul, in his gospel expeditions, had encounters with men who portrayed themselves as followers of God – these men he called Super Apostles. Paul was away in Macedonia, and he received news that a new gospel had been introduced to the church at Corinth and the church was putting up with it. Paul wrote quickly admonishing the church on the impact of the inferior gospel; he stated that the aim of the gospel of Christ was genuine salvation and to appear spotless at the coming of Christ (2Cor11:2). The apostle said that he had godly jealousy for the church because he understood the goal of the newly introduced gospel was to impoverish the church spiritually, all other growth might be recorded, but the church will lose its fellowship with Christ. He also perceived that the church had accepted and walked according to the teachings of the super apostles.

The super Apostles taught a different gospel away from Christ crucified – their teachings were philosophical, sin-permissive, and vain and not heaven focused. All that these men wanted to achieve was earthly recognition, exploit the church and corrupt the mind of believers. They were going to lead the church away from their devotions to Christ – though it would appear that they preach Christ because the Name of Christ would be used to adorn their teachings. What were the teachings of these men?

1.Philosophical – they leaned on their understandings and a different spirit. They portrayed God has a person you could deal with in the arm of the flesh – that man could continue with his mental capacity when the Holy Spirit ceases to operate. They had no understanding of the things of God because they were not operating under the influence of the Holy Spirit. These teachings are human postulations that contravene the gospel of Christ, congregants are allowed to lean on their understanding and limit when to acknowledge Christ – you hear them say things like; What do your instincts tell you, are you happy with your decision? Jesus’ will should superimpose ours’, because we now live for him (2Cor5:15). These apostles encourage a daily schedule that creates time for God when we should move about with the presence of God. We don’t include God in our plans, we submit our plans to God and allow the Holy Spirit superimpose it – examine if it aligns with God’s purpose for our lives. Super Apostles create a purpose for God, conjuring their congregants into accepting it as the plan of God.

2.Sin-Permissive – Apostle Paul talked about the craftiness of leading the church away from their sincere devotion to God. There is a new movement that interprets the operation of Grace, has consent to walk in sin when you cannot subdue your flesh –an impure devotion to Christ. A corrupted way of life that puts Christ at the frontline – but is not devoted to Christ. A life of sin remitted by the daily renewal of Grace. Can we continue to live in sin, because Grace abounds – Yes? This is their interpretation of Christ finished works – a mental life of sin, that necessitates a ritual daily confession of sin. The message preached is not in correspondence with the works of repentance (Titus2:11-13).

3.Heaven Incognisant – The goal of our redemption is the salvation of our souls (1Pet1:9) – Apostle Paul said, he aimed to present the church a pure virgin to Christ (2Cor11:2). The sermon preached by super Apostles had been watered down – the sermons trivialize the essence of redemption. These sermons promise the peripheral benefits of redemption; Prosperity, Good Health, supposed marital fulfillment among others – these teachings does not aim to grow and sustain the spiritual growth of the church – it is fixated on earthly things. Super Apostles teach their parishioners that their treasures lie on earth.

The teachings of the Bible is Christ Crucified, the aim of fellowship and Christian gathering is to sharpen each other, our model should not be pastors or teachers but Christ himself (Heb3:1).