Elizabeth is mounting enormous sexual pressure on Kunle, her fiancee with their wedding scheduled in two weeks. Her perception of sex is for Christians who have agreed to conjugal affiliation. ‘Kunle, our wedding is 14 days away. There is no wrong if we consummate our relationship and after all God would understand that we are Christians who serve him diligently’ said Elizabeth.

‘I understand how you feel, but sex is not for Christians” Kunle responded. Looking quite perplexed, who then is sex for? asked Elizabeth.

Sex is arguably the most popular subject of discussion in today’s world. Sexual conversations lurks around every edifice and market place around the global from hospitals, academic learning spaces, commercial arenas and religious centres. It’s a topic that interest everyone from all works of life; learned, illiterate, young, adult, married, single etc. It excites both the male and female, either being discussed with the subject line of debauchery or for the aim of constructive information. Sex is basically prominent in contemporary age because of the pleasure attached to its wantonness. The sexual orientation of a person determines commercial viability, academic success, social acceptance and a place on the church choral stand.

Christianity and sex are very inherent entities, they are both shapers of humanity. Christianity is a belief that shapes your way of life, sex is a pleasurable act that births life. Sex defines Christian numeracy, while Christianity determines sexual orientation. Christianity is not as old as sex, with respect to birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Sex is as old as man, God put the desire for sexual gratification immediately Adam was provided a help mate. The man was caused to sleep and a lot of changes occurred in the process. Adam awoke to find a woman with same morphological and near-physical attribute with him and on the instance he developed emotional and sexual need that could be met only by the woman, that’s why the way of a man with a virgin will never be understood.

Christianity has a particular bias towards sexual conversations, the church is always subtle on sex. Christians want to talk about sex, though majority shy away from the conversation under the guise of corrupt communication. Christians are first humans, and sex has been designed for humans with the aim of pleasure and procreation. Hence, sex has a place in the life of a Christian. The role of faith in sex is the how and when of sexual acts. The Bible is explicit about sex for a Christian, sex must take place within the confines of marriage only, between two persons of opposite gender. Any sexual form short of this standard is considered sexual immorality.

Sexual immorality is the most conceived sinful act around the world today. It stretches its muscles amongst singles, married, young adults, unbelievers and Christians. The modern believer has tailored the scriptures to suit him and has become relative about sexual sin, accepting immorality as a thorn in the flesh without making efforts to fight temptations and lustful desires. Modern Christians trivialize sexual sin, expecting God to show understanding. One thing eludes the modern Christian; Jehovah is not human and we can’t continue in sin because Grace abounds. The crave for sexual sin today is alarming and steadily on a geometric progression. The consequences of sexual sin on a believer can’t be over emphasized; it gives room for the enemy’s oppression and the wrath of God. King David suffered domestic and national disgrace for a moment of sexual gratification. He lost three children and had incest perpetrated in his house.(2Sam12,13,18).The Bible also records that the angel of the Lord smote for sexual sin and it has been recorded has a warning to us. (1Cor10:13). In the testament of Paul, sexual immorality was the prominent sin he wrote about in all his letters(Gal4:19,Eph4:19,Col3:5,1Thes4:3). Sexual sin always came first because God has called us to be sanctified and not be impure (1Thes4:3,7). It’s a sin that defiles us body, soul and spirit. The Bible says all other sins are outside the body except sexual immorality. (1Cor6:18).

Christians being humans have hormones which rages and wants our body to explore sexual paths in an ungodly manner. Christians must understand that the hormones of a man is subject to the man. The urge to indulge in fornication before marriage to ascertain the capacity of potential spouse is a godless alibi for sexual sin. Though societal contents has shaped our thoughts and cravings, as humans we must come to terms that God put the desires in there, and he knows the best match for our sexual appetite. The easiest therapy to lustful desires is to focus and feed our thought more on the word of God and other godly contents.(Phil4:8). The world is being polluted with too much sexual explicit contents in images, motion pictures and texts. We can’t dictate for the media what to put out but Christians we can refine what to consume. Temptations would arise, but there’s an assurance never to be tempted beyond our strength (1Cor10:13), Jesus always provides an escape route, Flee. Don’t speak in tongues or tolerate temptations. Sex is an integral part of the Christian life, but Christianity is not all the criteria for sex. A godly marriage is the ticket for sexual pleasure, which is shaped by the tenets of Christianity.

Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover

Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover