Sex and The Teenage Bucket List

Aladeloba Babatunde
3 min readOct 5, 2018


A lot of teenagers walk up to me and ask why they can't begin to have sex. They want to know the consequences of premarital sex and if there is a right time to get under the sheets.

I also asked these questions as a Teenager, as I counted it all joy getting to lay girls and boasting in the company of my friends.

A lot of girls likewise showed sexual interest in me, I had to turn them down on numerous occasions. To make up for this, I lusted after girls ' I mean a lot of them' and probably impregnated some of them in my mind.

Sex I suppose is a great thing.

In fact my Pastor's wife described it as one of the greatest gift to man.

The concept of sex has initiated by God was to happen within the confines of marriage between a man and his wife.

It is for the purpose of pleasure and procreation.

However, morality has condescended that every where we turn, channels our minds towards sexual gratification.

This article consists prominently what should consist a teenager’s bucket list. What you should focus on, rather than feeding your mind with sexual fantasies.

There are other things that should make up your bucket list as a teenager.

Sex should not appear on your to-do list as a teenager.

Your Teen Age is a time to begin exploring career choices, look out for skills and natural abilities.

Are you interested in Law, Engineering, modelling, photography or you want to become a chef.

What comes to you naturally - is it writing novels, walking on the runway or helping people. You can as well make a career out it.

Teen Age is when you begin to map out college and higher institutions of choice.

Do you want study at Harvard, Oxford or Cambridge? Or your local universities will offer modules with global relevance in your course of choice.

Teen Age is also a good time to start building lasting relationships.

Get acquainted in relationships with similar interests and social values. Check on friends, chat on WhatsApp, call them on Skype, send e-mails.

Share college materials, offer help in academics or other life challenges.

Read their books, taste their meals, patronise them if they sew clothes and encourage them when they are not yet perfect.

These are the friends who will open doors for you at a later stage in your life.

Hanging out is also permitted, cinemas, concerts and volunteering are places you can pitch your social tents.

These list if committed to, will build you up as a teenager and lower the urge to gratify sexual urges.

Sincerely, it’s fine to have sexual desires, it only consolidates your humanity. It tells that your hormones are working in perfect conditions.

However we shouldn't consummate these desires. The teen age is not a time to get under sheets or fall to the deceit of pulling your under wears.

Sex has its perfect time, and I would state as a Christian that the right time is at matrimony.

It is worth the wait.



Aladeloba Babatunde

Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover