Prejudice and Eternal Fruits

Recently the American President called Africans and Haiti residents in America as shithole migrants.

The statement did not find a dwelling place among Diasporas and natives of this Nation, as it was alleged as affirmations to President Trump, being a racist.

Whether racism, xenophobia or bigotry — all mentioned earlier, their notions and actions are components of prejudice. Every kind of bias has always led to struggles, victimization, protests, and bloodshed.

The people at the upper end of the social chain, who distinguish themselves with a specific judgment of significance are oppressive of those at the lower end of the echelon.

The Neo-Nazis have always demonstrated against the Jews, denying them access to economic and social utility; as a Nazi, you cannot take a Jew home to your father. Why? He is a Jew. History tells other prejudicial stories, where people have made judgments as a result of times past or other persons’ perception of the prejudiced.

Prejudice is a prominent feature of xenophobia, classicism and maybe racism; where we cannot associate with a person because of a non-logical bias before meeting the person.

Prejudice makes us repugnant of a person before meeting with them; we form a perception of negativity about them in our minds; creating hostility at first encounters.

When we have such bias against people, we anticipate negative stories to validate our view of them.

Prejudice is still very prevalent in this age. The football federation seeks to implement the Rooney rule, where minority candidates can also compete for managerial roles in A-list soccer teams. There have been events where potential Head Coaches had their applications thrashed because they were either minority, black or didn’t fit the team’s prestige.

As admittedly, we do not give people jobs or become associated with persons of a particular ethnic group because we have a bias against them.

In Nigeria the Fulani’s and South Eastern do not have a meeting point, likewise the Punjabi’s and Kashmiris in India; North Eastern Indians among which are the Kashmiris have testified to indiscriminate citizenship.

The Punjabis have a conceived perception of the Kashmiris not being native Indians, therefore do not treat them with love.

I dare not introduce a lady of another tribe to my mother in Nigeria as a choice of spouse; trust a Yoruba mother, her eye gestures will send the lady exile.

Prejudice breeds hatred and favouritism; it restrains men from being recipient of a deserved feat. Prejudice doesn’t give love a chance and suffocates any attempt of hope or channel of trust. It is quite impossible to trust a man whom you already think is a fraudster or a lady you have adjudged as being promiscuous.

Millions of persons across history have been a victim of prejudice being rejected at possible jobs, appointments, associations, relationships and even the opportunity to worship God. You sure don’t expect a Nazi to open his church door to a Jew, like the Samaritans were not accommodating of the Jews (John4:9).

How Does Prejudice affect our Eternal Race?

Jesus told his Apostles, in this is the father Glorified, that you may bear fruits and fruits that abide (John 15:16). We cannot bear fruits with prejudice, as it is a requisite for condemnation. A man condemned by a believer doesn’t stand an opportunity of hearing the gospel from the believer.

Prejudice tells a believer that, this man doesn’t deserve the gospel because he has been involved in too much of ungodliness; it shows the choirmaster that Asians have bad voices and won’t fit in the Choral group.

Prejudice tells a pastor that men of a particular race love money and shouldn’t be considered for the church treasurer, despite all the aptitude such person brings to the ministry. We become selective of appointments in the faith and the dissemination of the evangelical, instead of leaning on the help of the Holy Spirit.

Apostle Paul tarried with evangelizing to the Jews, despite several attempts to suffocate the gospel or kill him. He didn’t ever say to Luke, Barnabas or Silas that the gospel should not be preached to a Jew because of their hostility.

Paul had every legal ground from personal experience to be prejudicial about the Jews, but he drew strength from the Holy Spirit.

Prejudice is not a fruit of the Spirit, instead, after word encounters, Paul discovered and wrote to the church in Galatians that there are no longer Jews, Greek, and Slave or free (Gal 3:28).

The blessing of Abraham was accessible to everyone through faith in Christ. The implication of this is that, though Christ was born a Jew — his shed blood is for everyone and not only the House of Israel.

If God had been prejudicial about salvation, I wouldn’t be privileged to write about his Love.

Prejudice is a subtle Armour of the enemy, depriving believers the honour of preaching the gospel accordingly and denying an en-massed populace of unbelievers the joy of eternal life.

Prejudice doesn’t bear fruits, it passes by the tree and withers its leaves.





Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover

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Aladeloba Babatunde

Aladeloba Babatunde

Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover

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