Potiphar’s House.

In the movie “White House Down, there was “Lance Reddick”, the dark skinned lanky military head , who only gave directions. I got so angry at him as he never was at the battle front, where fighting officers were trying to stop, the hijacking of the white house, killing of hostages and murder of the president. He only always gave strategies from the military intelligence monitoring room. That was his job description has the military head. The twist is however that the President, Vice- president and disloyal Secretary of state all had contacts with their families at one point. Lance Reddick never had contact with his family, neither was a family character included for him in the movie plot. He was designed to be a very busy guy. He is a good example of the modern day Potiphar.

Potiphar was the head of Internal military intelligence in ancient Egypt. His job description was mental, strategizing how to stay atop impending intra-terror attacks, mitigate militancy and overall security of the Nation of Egypt. This suffered him a busy schedule, lack of family time, and evasive of domestic information and events. He had no idea his wife was already lusting after the Hebrew boy in charge of his house.

Mrs Potiphar was a loosed woman who was deprived of Intimacy and emotional needs. She needed a man to scratch her back and make her feel like a woman but Potiphar was always in Security council meetings. One day she made her intentions known to Joseph, when her husband was not at home. Come lay with me, she said to him in the most halcyon tones…. The type she rarely uses for Potiphar. She was still in her night gown; body hugging, cleavage popping garment. She appeared slutty, with the most lascivious and licentious desire. Being a treacherous and devious woman, she had a plan to keep Potiphar in the dark about her internal adultery art. She held on to the garment of Joseph, the young man slipped away from her, leaving behind a patch of his clothing.

Temptations would arise amidst life’s most unpleasant circumstances. Joseph was still in mental turmoil, Unbelieving the hurt of family betrayal. His blood brothers sold him to the slave market for no justifiable reason. He was also trying to bridge the gap between his present circumstances and the dreams God showed him. They were disparate. God said he will be bowed to, a destined leader not a follower. Now, he was a slave. He was owned body, soul and spirit. Slavery meant he has been stripped of right and opinion over his life. His masters would determine his fate. Very Unpleasant!!! He now has Mrs Potiphar offering him the icing of his Master’s cake. Potiphar’s most treasured asset, his stress therapy after stressful security meetings. He chills off at his wife’s bosom in the holy chambers.

Joseph turned down Mrs Potiphar’s sexual advances, not envisaging the physical consequence. I cannot do this great wickedness and sin before God, Joseph said to Potiphar’s wife. (Gen39:9). He understood the economics of sin, the dreams and glorious destiny would have been an ‘alternative forgone’. He scaled his Preference in order of needs and not wants. A night on Mrs Potiphar’s laps would truncate his Purpose. Little wonder if Samson didn’t read this part of the Bible, he would never have gone down to Sorek. Joseph could also not afford to backstab a man who entrusted his entire household to him. Love worketh no ill to his neighbor.(Rom13:10). Though, the present occurrence was contrary to the future expectations. He had faith in God. He was fully persuaded, God will do as he had promised. The expectations of the righteous was not to be cut short. The Bible described him as a godly person. Mrs Potiphar must have promised to mention his case to her husband. Series of promotion in the slave hierarchy, or better still nepotism enlistment in Egyptian military. Acceding to her advances meant he would forever live in her shadows. He would end up sexual tool or military stud. He would also enjoy the luxury of spiced and well garnished meals. He could not afford to live on bread, the kingdom of God is not about eating and drinking but righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. (Rom13:17).

Life’s adversities comes along with Temptations. Imagine, when you have an alternative of fraud or blood money, 24 Hours before the university portal closes to tuition fees payment. You have the marine engineer dream and revelation, but now you can’t afford a paltry government owned institution fees. There are going to be godless opportunities, which avails you to help God. Alas, God cannot be helped. God has no history of failure or lateness, he makes all beautiful in his own time. We are to count it Joy, when tempted. It builds our faith for perseverance. (James1:2-3). It magnifies our hope and assurance that God has an ability that exceeds our expectations. Temptation simply means, God’s promise is sure but Satan wants to offer a short-lived instantaneous alternative. Joseph Ran. A practical approach to his Faith, he mixed it with works. He took action. He was not quoting scripture or tongue speaking. In essence, there is an escape route out of the intended ungodliness that wants to bail you out of your present Trials. You can also run. Our God is now faithful, never allows temptation beyond our strength. He always provides an escape route. (1cor10:13). You can stand up from the immoral bed, you can walk out of the shrine, you can drop the fraud pen. You have the capacity the flee every appearance of evil.

Mrs Potiphar waited in the living room for her husband, she didn’t allow him to pull of his military outfit before she started crying. A concerned Potiphar demanded for his wife’s late night tears. The Hebrew servant thou brought in, has come to mock me, she said.(Gen39:17). Showing Joseph’s garment. Potiphar’s anger burnt. It is typical of every man to inflate his temperament spectra on the account of another man defile his bed. Jacob cursed Reuben for going up his bed. (Gen49:4). No man accepts an attempt for sexploration of his wife by another. Jealousy is the rage of such man and he will not spare vengeance. He will not regard any ransom. (Prov6:34-35). Potiphar raged as expected and Joseph was thrown into prison without fair hearing. It was on the account of attempted rape, mockery and aggravated assault.

You must go through Potiphar’s house to prepare you for Pharaohs palace. Potiphar’s house is the litmus abode for the place of destiny, It is a ground of preparation. It is God’s refinery to purge your impurities and manifest his strength in your weakness.

To access the life of a Victor. You must have a relationship with Jesus. Confess Jesus as your Lord and savior today, believing he died for your sins and resurrected for your justification.




Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover

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Aladeloba Babatunde

Aladeloba Babatunde

Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover

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