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Jun 26, 2017

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Paul And The Super Apostles

The church in Corinth was very dear to Apostle Paul (2Cor11:11).Biblical writings showed that he wrote more letters to them than any other church. Apostle Paul wrote two separate letters which contained about 29 chapters. The apostle was particular about the spiritual growth of the church, admonishing and chastising them when necessary (1Cor3). Paul observed from conversations though in absentia and by presence of his spirit that the church was still a baby spiritually. He had fears that the church may be deceived and would accept any teachings or deity presented to them. He perceived that the church was vulnerable to being misguided by distorted doctrines (2Cor11:3-4).These sermons would turn the hearts of the church away from Christ.

The teachings would contravene Paul’s goal of presenting the church spotless to Christ. The only acceptable standard of God was a people without blemish (pure and holy). The men who introduced this teachings to the church, Paul called Super Apostles. He didn’t state If they were from Corinth or from other part of Greece. These super Apostles were not concerned about the souls of the church. They had their self agenda – exalting their teachings against the gospel of Jesus. They also presented the church with a different deity to worship and an unclean spirit to minister to the church (2cor11:4).They exchanged the gospel for money and were particularly a burden to the church. The Corinthian church were refreshing the Super Apostles materially – food, clothing, shelter and other financial irrelevance beyond their ability. This was pure exploitation – as the gospel of Christ was not a commercial commodity. It was not supposed to be a medium for monetary gains. The Super Apostles were not only gaining luxury, but also selling to the church a gospel that was not going to save their souls. This was the point of Paul’s concern – he has been laboring to present the church a pure virgin to Christ( 2Cor11:2).These Super Apostles were now sowing weeds on Paul’s plantation. The church was going to lose its purity and all of Paul’s efforts might become futile. The growth of the church was already truncated and they were thus at the risk of being tossed by every wind of doctrine.

Apostle Paul had to write a letter to them – this was in an effort to call them to the right track, since they had become receptive of every teaching that appeared in the form a gospel. The heart ache of Paul is very perceptible in the modern church – the emergence of Super Apostles who has turned the mind of men away from the gospel. Men who present material things, signs and magic by a different spirit, and deliver them to the church. These men have convincing utterance and are charming orators. The church has lost the focal point of reconciling men back to God - straying away from the teachings the fathers of Faith. We have become the burden bearers of the Apostles (men of God) – continued exploitation of the church on the platform of religion. The church is building houses, buying luxury cars for the Apostles, while these men intentionally draw us farther from God. (we have the congregational privilege – which blesses and does not alienate from the truth). The gospel of Apostle Paul is in consonance with the message of the cross – this he received via a revelation (Gal1:12). Any gospel which sermonizes a different message from the love that was manifested at Calvary is not the gospel of Paul. This gospel is also not for sale neither is it a commodity of commercial exchange. The gospel of Christ has just one purpose – the salvation of man’s soul.

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