What to do when your parents don’t support your choice of career

Parents will always have their ways when it comes to issues concerning their teenagers. No matter how smart, unruly or grown the teenager might be. As a teenager, the reality is you cannot outgrow your parent, even when you are miles bigger than your mother or your father needs a stool to hit you on the face.

All of these does not stop them from being your parent, or change your status in the house to your ‘parent’s big brother’.

There are however few instances when your parents might just decide to take the back seat and watch you throw all your teenage tantrums. These instances include when they tell you it’s not time for a relationship, the college to attend or your choice of career. Though you might display characters that shows you are not happy with them especially when they oppose your choice of career, but what are the things you do in such situations.

Tell an Elderly sibling — My elderly siblings were available when my father and his friend wanted to pick a course in medical. My Dad said I should do either Biochemistry or Pharmacy, but thanks to my elder brothers who came to my rescue. This is one area where that elder brother of yours will play a significant role. Being a few years ahead of you, especially if he is the eldest child, parents perceive that they are more matured and understanding.

Your elder sibling will be able to mediate for you, convincing them that it’s imperative to allow you to follow your dreams, and would also be available to guide you. However, that you don’t have siblings, there should be trusted uncles and aunts who have got your back.

Study online — 45% of people with online degrees or learnt a skill via the internet are teenagers. With the prominence of YouTube, Udemy and other online study platforms, you sure have access to the course that your parents perceive is not good enough. Just a few dollars, the internet and your device you are good to go.

The courses available on this platforms are almost without limits and are taught by not just lecturers, but practicing experts in the field. So you are sure that Jeremy Deighan will teach you Graphics Design, and Babatunde Silas will be available to lecture you on robotics. Hence, while mummy says don’t do photography, you can just lock up in your room — watch Kelechi Amadi online and still attend lectures as your parents desire.

Pray — I know this may sound quite weird, but I honestly believe in the power of prayers, irrespective of religion. However, as a Christian, I realise that communication with God has great power. You can tell God to touch the heart of your parents and influence them to support your career choice.

You will just find out that one day, your parents begin to show a gradual interest in the course and suddenly, they are advocating for the career, that they once criticised. And need I tell you, that 35% of teens have gotten solutions to challenges in prayers.

Remain a good child — One thing you can’t negotiate in life is your parental choice. Hence, when you find yourself in situations, that your parents don’t support your choices. If, after deploying all possible remedies and the result remains unchanged. You must still remain a good child — because it is an honourable thing to do.

Walking out on your parents, refusal to do house chores will not get their support. You never can tell, one day while gladly making breakfast or working on the lawn — your parents, can have a change of mind and give your career choice the necessary support..




Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover

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Aladeloba Babatunde

Aladeloba Babatunde

Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover

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