One Habit That Keeps Teenagers from Academic Success

There are two ways to Excelling in High School

Read Smarter
Make Brilliant Friends

There was this guy in my college days named Odinaka, he was troublesome and a rascal. He disturbed the other boys in class and hostel.

Odinaka would disrupt night prep and other dormitory orders. In all of these, Odinaka’s academic performances were just above average, scoring credit passes and a few merits.

Odinaka’s class position was always between 18th and 25th in a class of 35 students. He was not anyway fancied because of his actions and average academic scores.

At the end of the Harmattan exams in our third year, Odinaka topped his class.

Third Year students were surprised and couldn’t come to terms with this new reality. Teachers persuaded us to applaud Odinaka’s new feat.

As we all returned to the Hostel that night, we murmured and argued about Odinaka.

We all knew Odinaka was not brilliant and remained lackadaisical towards his academics. Some of us hoped it was a chance and that the Easter examinations will return him to the middle of the class, where he belongs.

Success is a result of Actions.

Odinaka took steps.

After a lot of average results, Odinaka decided to change relationships. He discovered his friends in class and hostel, were not excelling and had a significant influence on him.

He changed his seat in class, moved to the front row sitting beside Tamuno Kwani, the best student in class and even swapped rooms to be closer to Tamuno.

Though Tamuno was a bit like Odinaka, outspoken and likewise rascal.

Tamuno was however smart, and sufficiently mapped out his reading plans, which saw him become the best student.

Odinaka adopted practical approaches from his new partner and consistently deployed them in his life. It was not easy at first, leaving his friends and all the good times they shared.

Odinaka then proceeded to maintain his study time and relationship with Tamuno. Odinaka attributed his new exploits to discipline, as it was not an easy ride studying with Tamuno and attaining the level of understanding required to make distinctions.

Most Teenagers think A new Academic relationship is all that is needed for success.

Relationships are Easy. Discipline is a tough game.

· Discipline is saying no twitter and Instagram feeds for tutorials

· Discipline is putting down your smartphone for a few hours to be with your school works

· Discipline is letting go friends who don’t make academics a priority

· Discipline is learning to accept new persons and rules to excel in school

A lot of teenagers are not disciplined enough to end unprofitable relationships or make decisions that will affect their school grades positively. You don’t want to stop hanging out with your friend who is getting poor grades and sees nothing wrong.

Teenagers still enjoy the company of classmates who would chat away much of the time that can be used to accumulate great knowledge and understanding of academic works.

The discipline to also maintain new academic mates or study partners, whose approaches are better and more successful is also lacking.

Teenagers perceive such disciplinary process as an attempt to suffocate their social life and play time.

As a Teenager do not be offended if your new partner doesn’t pay attention to things that interest you; he doesn’t talk about soccer, and Lionel Messi or as a girl she is not thrilled by the Nicki Minaj and Cardi B fight.

All you need is to stay around, learn exam success strategies and get distinctions in your courses.

Discipline is not exactly punishment as most Teenagers think — rather it’s a behavioural approach for academic excellence.




Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover

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Aladeloba Babatunde

Aladeloba Babatunde

Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover

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