Of New Year Resolutions and The Holy Spirit

Hey, Good to write to you this New Year.

I drifted from writing on this space for a long time, let’s say between September and December. I got a new writing job, which took me far away from my primary obligation, which is writing faith-based articles.

I give my words that I am back writing not as an obligation but as a commandment.

Unlike the previous years, I noticed that most persons didn’t solemnly swear on New Year resolutions — no twitter oaths or WhatsApp broadcast word of honor.

I think we all have matured beyond the making verbal pledges about commitment for a new year. A study says 45% of persons fail on their resolutions in the first month of the New Year, and another 40% by the end of the first quarter with less than 10% remaining steadfast till the end of the year and beyond.

You know making resolutions is like a pig promising to stay away from muddy waters, and refuse dump sites. The pig is by nature dirty, it’s the generic lifestyle of the pig — before a pig was born,it has been dirty. It grows up in an ecosystem where being clean is assumed betrayal to the network of the skunk. Now, it is not that the pig cannot live clean, it has not just made visionary resolutions to being clean.

Let’s assume the pig tells a sheep, and rabbit that it will not eat from dump sites in the next animal season; both other animals will laugh it off as they do not see the possibilities.

The likelihood begins with walking out of its piggery zone and keeping company with animals that detest filth. It might take a marathon time or a 400-meter dash for the pig to become like the cat or rabbit, but its continuous interactions with them will help it reach its resolutions.

So back to we humans, and persons of faith — I believe we have different resolutions; more Bible-study time, attend more Christian functions, and some of us intend clearing out those foxes, which ravage the vines; the hidden stuffs we don’t want out pastors to know about.

How do we go about not just being better persons, but becoming the image of Christ? Asides walking away from the carnal believers, or spending more time within the company of the brethren — we need to make the Holy Spirit a top priority (Eph5:22).

God dwells in us through the Holy Spirit (Eph2:22), causing us to will and to do of his good purpose (Phil2:13).

The Holy Spirit cautions us when we want to make words or thoughts that would grieve him, he reminds us to study, and prioritise our new commitment to the will of Christ.

When there are resolutions that will contradict our faith, but in the interest of our desires the Holy Spirit will reach out to counsel us.

In this New Year, I know there must have been subtle resolutions on being financially and socially responsible — I as a person resolve to be Philia-relational responsible, like I have hidden behind the curtain on marital decisions. But this year, I want to move on to a new phase of my life; I am therefore prayerfully depending on the Holy Spirit.

Above all of this, the most relevant resolution a person of faith can make is more yearnings of the Holy Spirit, as he not only teaches us all things; financial, marital or moral decisions (John14:26) but helps us to will and do according to the purpose of Christ for us.

It’s of the Holy Spirit for earthly and heaven-based resolutions.

Happy New Year.




Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover

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Aladeloba Babatunde

Aladeloba Babatunde

Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover

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