Aladeloba Babatunde

Oct 7, 2016

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Nebuchadnezzar’s Banquet: A feast against the Christian Soul.

Kings are ranked with indexes on their geographic landmarks, populace governed and progenitor influence. Landmarks, followership numeracy and influence contribute to a king’s success, power, fame and wealth. A first-class king is obviously a frontline monarch; he has excesses in power and wealth. His terrain almost has no boundaries. In Neolithic times, due to change in governmental system; king’s dominance in leadership has been limited, for a few sovereign states. Despite this, their influence in politics, governance and economy is still significant. When power controls them they become potentate for imperialism and megalomaniac. It was the power that seized Pharaoh, and he contented with God’s instruction. It is of rare privilege that kings invite guests to their feasts. Social strata, fame and wealth are determinants to be an attendee at a royal banquet. You must belong to or have an affiliation with the royals to be on the kings invite list. Prominence, Oligarchy and plutocracy are indexes for first class royal banquet. It is attended by men and women of remarkable authority across various industries. The privilege to be invited to the king’s banquet as an ordinary man is rare and would not be treated with nonchalance. It is always overwhelming as you look forward to the occasion. It’s an opportunity to mingle with the men who regulate the economic and social strata of the society.

A banquet was organized in great Babylon. Babylon is the 3rd world conquest from ancient literature. Assyria had just fallen and Babylon was the new world power. The city was in control of the world. King Nebuchadnezzar was the supreme head of Babylon; he had capacity to violate constitutional and sovereign integrity of other nations. He decides leadership and economic outlook of nations; he could resort to imperialism. King Nebuchadnezzar had invited Israeli princes and children of the Aristocrats to a banquet. The banquet was to determine which of the royal son’s was fit to fill vacant capacity in his government. The banquet was thus the evaluating and assessment ground. The duration of the banquet was for three years. The meal at Nebuchadnezzar’s banquet was first sacrificed to gods of Babylon, before being served at the table. Every meal: Starters, Desert and main course. Idolatry eulogy was enchanted on all the meals served. The spiritual value of the meal had been corroded by invocations of darkness. Anyone who eats of the meal begins to have the fragment of an idol in him. Four of the Israeli royal sons found out about the idolatry offerings and decided not to eat of Nebuchadnezzar’s table. The meal was going to defile them spiritually and violate them in body and soul. They took permission from the chief chef, not to partake of the kings table and their request was thus granted.

The world’s banquet is hosted by the elites of the world in irresistible fashion. The splendor, resplendent and opulence desired by man is found on the king’s table. The wealth and material flavonoids has been constrained to the king’s table. The agenda of Nebuchadnezzar was to demystify the worship of God in Israel through their royals. The only way to get this done was to defile the ones whom the nation of Israel reveres as elites and political representatives. It is why politicians sort associative imagery with respected community leaders during campaigns. Such leadership is able to convince citizens at the end of the society pyramid, when trust had been traded. The world’s agenda is to violate us with idol conceived ideologies and knowledge, that we may embrace the foolish wisdom of man through association. The banquet of Nebuchadnezzar we must all attend, but his meal we must no eat.

Relationships, corporate life, ministry, political sphere, government chime are banquet we would attend respect to time and space. We must not be influenced by the godless ideas when in attendance. Eating Nebuchadnezzar’s meal is consequential. Excessive consumption of idolatry meals had Nebuchadnezzar challenge God twice. He demanded an image be worshipped(Dan3:1-5) and he exalted himself over God(Dan4:29-31), his spiritual DNA had been corrupted. High-level Profanity!! The meal from the king’s table doesn’t necessarily imply the edible food we consume. It is the ideologies that culminate from association with godless men. Godless ideas that condescend the spiritual mode of man and he becomes at peace with profanatory. These ideas are fabricated on altar of idols, conceived and perpetrated by man. It is these ideas that births corruption conglomerates, assemblage of immorality, thoughts of depravity and selfish choleric power chase. These ideas effortlessly deliver the works of the flesh. Having excused themselves from the kings table, the Hebrew boys resorted to eating undefiled meals with low nutritional value. They were tested for a few days; their appearance was fresher, fairer and fatter than the rest of their contemporaries. (Dan1:12-13). The value of your ideas as a Christian will appear seemingly foolish at the instance. Spiritual things are foolishness and of no value to the carnal mind. (1Cor2:3).Every member of the king’s table will seek for it at a later point. So guard the faith you have gotten. The stone which the builders reject shall surely become the cornerstone(Psalm118:22). When the king evaluated all banquet attendees, none was like the Hebrew boys. They were superior to the others in all manner of learning(Dan4:18-19).

The table of Christ will quicken your body, soul and spirit, imparting you with unfathomable knowledge. It will refine your mind and character, presenting you with irresistible charisma. The spiritual tragedy of the world is that godly men attend the banquet and defile themselves with the king’s meal. Christ sat with the tax collects to teach salvation. The obligation of a Christian is to teach and act Jesus at the king’s table. The modern Christian has thus corroded his soul for the ephemeral gains (fame, success and power) of the king’s table. We have become equally yoked with unbelievers. The bible admonishes that we should not fellowship or commune with darkness and also touch no unclean thing (2Cor6:14,17). Are we ready to say no the imminent flavonoids offered on the kings table or we wait at the Lord’s feet? Do we reprove the godless ideas? Or we put to use the crumbs that fall from the kings table, when no one is watching. Are our ideas a duplicate of godless knowledge or 1st hand wisdom of God? What do men say about our knowledge, understanding and attitude towards life? Nebuchadnezzar’s banquet has just one agenda, to corrupt our soul as we partake of his meal. What shall it profit a man to eat of Nebuchadnezzar’s table and lose his life?

To access the life of a Victor. You must have a relationship with Jesus. Confess Jesus as your Lord and savior today, believing he died for your sins and resurrected for your justification.

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