Aladeloba Babatunde

May 20, 2017

3 min read

My Perspective On Life.

Talent is God given – we all have one, some are lucky to have more.

Don’t envy those who are doing great things. Search for what is inside of you.

Start something – I started writing. Be committed.

Jealousy is the nephew of envy – keep away from this guy. You will become a talebearer for success.

Love is first an art, before the act. Don’t try the latter ahead of the former. It’s emotionally cancerous.

If you don’t love yourself, you will fail loving others.

Always respond with love, it never drowns. It got David to the palace.

Learn how to swim, you will get between the sea and ocean someday.

Don’t trust the boats – they will betray you when the storm comes.

Prepare for hurts, they will come. But always be ready to let go.

Speak up when you are hurt. State anger but don’t vent it. Keep your cool, even when it’s calm.

Seek knowledge, get understanding. Above all, alleviate lives.

Listen like a child – God loves babes. Speak with your heart – act with your mind. Keep the spirit informed.

From 1 above, if you never find your talent. Acquire a skill – life will demand of you.

Listen to your mother, hear your father. Make your decision. If you won’t act their opinions, honour their parentage.

Sometimes, stay off the internet. The real events are on the highway. Social Media is just an estimation.

Don’t base your life on Twitter. Instagram has filters. Set your standards – else you will be a discourse at the next Tedtalk.

Face your fears. Seek help when needed – you don’t fight all battles alone.

Cry. Laugh. Play. Smile. Frown. It’s part of life’s architecture.

Discipline – I don’t like this word. Trust me, it’s the most critical ingredient for maturity. You will need it at every phase in life.

Begin to practise the above, NOW.

How do you feel when lied to? Speak the truth all the time. There is trust waiting for you.

Be responsible for your life – take blames. It’s fair to applaud others for your success. You couldn’t have done it alone.

Philanthropist don’t know prodigals. If you won’t be the former – stay of the latter.

Spend. Save. Invest. Maybe not in this order, but do all three.

Innuendos don’t make you sexy- what is sexy anyways? Bragging is not bravery. Good music is not always loud. Listen to the lyrics – enjoy the rhythm. Move your body if need be.

On relationships. Seek like minded people.

In business – put people at the centre of your vision. Don’t find an excuse for exploitation – it’s still cheating.

On Marriage – don’t know much yet, but many have regretted pressure.

I need to add this – you will meet death someday. Stay prepared.

Enjoy your life.

Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover

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