My Heart Is Where You Belong.

Your smile is the best to happen to life, easy and enthusiastic.

Your laughter is kind, charming and unending - like it’s all you have come to do.

Every time, I am in awe of your words; not the eloquence – counsel and admonitions. In a community populated by noise and talk holds no water, your words are treasured.

Above all, you excel in wisdom – your character scales valuation on the righteousness stocks.

How you mentor me, I don’t know – the mentorship that breaches the normative. You were born in my arms – yet I sit at your mountain, awaiting your cloud of tutorials. Your experience doesn’t come with age.

Life can be your protégé.

You stand tall in your lower-case body. Your small letter alphabets have CAPITAL inscriptions. This tallness has nothing to do with height – I look up to you from my shoulder.

In your eyes are beacons – making clear the vision.

There is something telescopic about your thoughts – the magic to appropriate the mission without missing targets.

Your dawn precedes sunlight and your night shines brighter than most mornings – the sight that doesn’t need light – you own it.

From you I learnt all things – the how and when. The conversations that has words and the non-verbal. The translation of everything – I will sit in a class with your shadow.

I have become fine wine, because you refined me. The coarse: smooth and the turbulence: calm. I am new wine – everyone likes my wine skin.

You are a gracious winepress.

I am found completely in you. When I miss my way – you have the compass to every of my sojourn. For me – you became everything. Purposefully and with Eagerness.

If life will misplace me, let it be in your path – the loss that comes with gain.

My soul is drenched with your love – from summer to spring. You are all that soaks my thoughts.

My arm is where you will reside – there is home for you in my heart.

It is where you belong.



Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover

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Aladeloba Babatunde

Aladeloba Babatunde

Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover