“Thou shall live by Daddy’s words was a cliche that formed my growing up.

Whether it’s the television, breakfast or the kind of clothes we would adorn for Christmas. My father’s words created everything including the University I attended.

I could make all my contentions, or dream as i wished but my father’s words were more real than my desires, physical state and plans.

I remember one occurrence when I had told friends that I won’t be returning to school soon, as the financial cloud at home was without rain. Though my father gave me his words, I thought it was just a feel-good endeavor — but by dusk the next day, I was in school. Daddy’s words again proved tangible.

Most Christians today are heavily dependent on their abilities or physical conditions to state. Though, it’s an expression of our human nature, we must learn to esteem and be reliant on God’s spoken word.

We plan everything, hit the gym for the Olympics, buy flowers and memorise our proposal lines, and ask a lot of industry experts’ questions when seeking to begin a career. While all of these are efforts of Faith, it is God’s word that activates the resources for our successes.

A cue from the Israeli Exodus

Israel perceived they had everything sorted out. They could access their immediate and long-term needs, without God. What is worthy of note in the Exodus story is that Israel only cried to God, when they were in trouble.

We don’t always see the significance to get God involved until we are stuck. We then begin to scramble for God to speak, when we reach the edge of the cliff. Israel was in a fix; no bread, no water or access to survival. They thought about only one option, to return to Egypt and continue as slaves.

The physical realm had failed them — I am sure they had looked around and become philosophical on how the resources available could grow food.

We are mostly conditioned by what we see, and work according to the dictates of our circumstances. Israel was in certainty with their hunger and not the word of God. The fact that they couldn’t see barley, wheat or any raw material for bread made them grumble. All of their hopes hinged on bread, as it was the end of their present challenge.

Everything Moses spoke to them, had no effect — they were hungry and needed food. It’s like your Pastor telling you all will be well when you have been medically declared infertile.

In our different geographies as believers or humans, we are faced with varying degrees of challenges. Some of which might include marital, health, financial or spiritual. We begin to cleave more the present situation which puts us either in Anxiety or Unease.

A Word for the Samarian Economic Crisis

There was so much famine that women were already eating their children. People were in melancholy, and there seemed no solution in view. Economic postulations, hunger alleviation programs and food negotiations deals with other nations were ongoing.

Samaria’s diplomatic meetings at that time were not centered on infrastructure or human capital — budgetary allocations were towards ending the famine.

Human knowledge and wisdom had failed Samaria that when the word of the Lord came, a member of the King’s cabinet doubted the prophet’s utterance.

The man didn’t doubt because he was necessarily an unbeliever, but the inefficiency of physical knowledge had blinded him that when Elisha prophesied he heard man’s wisdom and not the word of God.

This is what happens to us in our different dilemmas; we try to override God’s word with the events that surrounds us.

In as much as we can’t see the word, it is the creator of everything.

Immediately Elisha spoke, heaven had put resources together for an immediate solution to Samaria’s ailing economy, and by the next day, the prophecy was fulfilled.

Efficacy of God’s Word

We will continue to struggle when we channel all of our strengths to physical reality — this is not to say we should not work or be irresponsible. Rather, until the word of God goes forth, our physical efforts will not produce results. It doesn’t mean you don’t practice for the Olympics or acquire the necessary skill required to excel in your career pursuit. It merely says a man must esteem God’s spoken word above everything that has a semblance of the physical.

Therefore in the proceedings of our physical efforts — we must align ourselves with the reality of God’s word. We are in a world where the best medical doctors, economic analysts, and financial advisers have failed men until God’s word intervened.

The Bible talking about the woman with the issue of blood says; she had spent all she had, and there was no remedy until she came in contact with the WORD. The doctors and specialists of that age failed her, but the WORD did not.

The children of Israel were in reality with the desert and didn’t see how they would reach bread. When Manna appeared, a substance they didn’t know the provenance — they knew strength had failed. It was one of God’s acts of telling them His word is supreme to every situation. Where except the Israeli Exodus has food appeared in a desert?

God’s word should not be an alternative to a failed physical effort but the means and end to our lives.




Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover

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Aladeloba Babatunde

Aladeloba Babatunde

Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover

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