Life Will Hit You With Bricks

A while ago, I Lost my little niece to death – it happened like lightning.

A sudden stroke of pain that left me In misery.

I was emotionally amputated – while I watched the bereaved mother wallow in melancholy.

I was just relieving an emotional burnt and life had to throw such brick at me.

I couldn’t face life, but I said in my heart that life was being unfair.

Yes, life is unfair.

I wonder why life has not exhausted it’s bricks of unfairness.

It has so much thorns to make everyone bleed.

We wont be hit at the same time.

These bricks are in varying measures and timing.

Those of us with a religion call these - powers and principalities.

Them who don’t worship any deity say it’s an evolutionary occurrence.

You can’t bargain how well the thorns will prick you.

You only have remedial opinions, cause life dictates the reformative.

What works for Alpha doesn’t alleviate Bravo.

One will suffer childlessness, another child loss and another marital breakdown .

Failed Business and other financial tsunami et al.

Then the bricks of illness – Chronic, Acute and Terminal.

You don’t want any of these – one will hit you or a loved one.

Life will torture all – body, mind and spirit.

I watched my little niece go through pains – she was too young for the torment.

Grateful she died.

Don’t prepare for life’s torment – distress is more agonising amidst readiness.

Life can make bricks out of everything- it will demean you with your helmet and cause your armor to ache you.

Maybe today, tomorrow or you are in a limbo phase.

Life will hit us all with bricks.

Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover