In search of the Lampstand?

1.The poignant story, I welcome you to our world of Darkness. Our very Earth, where Darkness comprehends Light.

2. The sadism that lampoons the world we live in; the apparent choleric atmosphere that clouds the human heart.

3. The mentoring of the church by secularity of the immoral society. The champagne pops of divorce and glorification of youthful lust.

4. The deafening echoes of unending war and habitual terror attacks. The gnashing of the guilty-oppressed and exonerated smile of the predator.

5. It’s the new world order, styled from the fabrics of darkness. The twilight that falls at day and the gloom that covers the sun.

Beckon on the SONS of Light

6. Let’s share a table with (America)publicans and (Europeans) tax masters.

7. Counsel someone’s marital affliction; save us another broken home. Help lift that burden of lust. Speak agape to those hormones.

8. Adorn your sanguine attire; a cheerful heart is good medicine. May the dry bones of Latino America come alive.

9. Now change the mentoring formula. Church(Mentor):Society(Protégé).

10. Let nation’s cover up their misdeeds and may Trump never bring up Hillary’s matter. Everyone happy.

11. Terrorism is wealth recruiting poverty to annihilate poverty, to enrich wealth. You don’t get it.

12. So off to the war room of tongues to pull down poverty and terrorism. It’s a war against gods of Egypt and high place wickedness.

13. But, if pharaoh won’t let peace reign in Middle East, there is but one choice. To drown him in the red sea.

14. We are the light of the world, where then are we, in all of these darkness? OMG, under a basket.

15. Please who is close to the lampstand? Put on the light, Africa needs energy.

Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover

Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover