It Cost Love.

Redemption came at a price.

Aladeloba Babatunde
1 min readJul 2, 2016


At thy adversaries banquet,

Clutched in the fangs of death,

In the companionship of pain,

Dwelling in the stronghold of affliction.

Entangled in the web of the wicked,

Submerged in the pool of adversity,

At the subway of abyss, enroute sheol,

Desiring mercy, from an unloving foe (How tormenting was this hope).

Drenched in sin, devoid of purity,

Shred apart, Stricken by iniquity,

Charge was legal, Captor lawful

Assailants in toasts, Predator assumed Judgement.

Imperial entrance of the Lamb,

On righteousness he rode,

Death skipped, Sheol fled,

Demons trembling, Raptorial council discomfiting.

Martyrdom at Calvary, A bleeding Cross,

Redemption in full, Garment chaste,

Assailant Akimbo, Death vanquished,

Mercy mediated, It cost Love.