Issues Of Blood

The importance of blood cannot be negotiated. It is the most important constituent of the human body. Systolic and diastolic blood movement keeps a man breathing. Hence blood is life. The word issue is defined as “a problem worth concern”. In mathematical expression, introducing issues as an independent variable with blood being proportionate to life, blood issues are therefore life issues and vice versa. Blood issues are not always consanguine with medical conditions and will alter the journey of a man’s life. It will catalyze or clog a man’s sojourn through life.

I would tell the story of this lady in ancient Galilee, I can’t remember her name now. She was easy going, bubbling and full of life. She was partly sanguine and phlegmatic. She was everyone’s delight. She had her enterprise going and her fiancee looked forward to matrimony. Her vision was to be the leading brand institution in her market industry. She was attending seminars, workshops acquiring in-demand knowledge to put her enterprise at the forefront. She was a Sunday-congregant worshipper, going to the temple only on Sundays and never attend the Sunday school. Business and romance got the better of her during weekdays she claims. She returns home too tired for evening services. This Fatigue didn’t stop her from evening dinners and ladies night-out though.

She woke up one morning with blood splattered all over her bedsheet. Her ovulation period was still two weeks away. She felt something drip from her eyes and ears, looking to the mirror, It was blood. She visited her physician, hoping it wasn’t a situation that serious. You only ruptured a few vessels he told her, you will be fine in no time. She was admonished to take the prescribed medication and rest. The ailment got worse and she was referred to a specialist. He said it was hormonal imbalance triggered by a rare disease. All his medical experience offered no therapy. Her situation only corroded, as she became the doctors’ nightmare. Her ailment questioned the relevance of the medical profession.

A few years passed and her fiancee called off the relationship. She was no longer the beautiful, cheerful and resplendent lady he wanted to marry. She was more a dark shadow of herself; unattractive, awful and loathsome. She had become grotesque, repugnant and unsightly. The young man’s patience had worn out. She was never going to pull through. He was advancing in age and needed to move to the next phase of life. He couldn’t conjugate matrimony with a woman he couldn’t touch, hold or kiss. Matrimony is tactile responsive. She was going to be a matrimonial burden all her life and that will keep them both unhappy.

Her enterprise inventory had gone empty as her ailment lavished her wealth. She became forcefully introverted, staying indoor always. She ran her errands by herself majorly when the sun was down, night crawling for avoidance of jeers and sympathy. The doctors told her to go home, she had become irritable to the medical team and other patients. The law teachers and priest rarely visited, as her condition only worsened by the day. Food on the dinning was replaced by blood. Blood issues had halted her destiny. Her dream marriage and enterprise vision had become a torment. Issues of Blood halts the destiny of a man. Blood issues are afflictions, incomprehensible to the human mind. Science, Management and other human designed knowledge cannot resolve blood issues. Blood issues differ to persons, medical, emotional, marital and financial. It is why a beautiful, enterprising and well behaved lady will never leave the spinster market. Blood issues stagnates a charismatic and vastly read man to the strongholds of poverty. It is why the hypnotic Lizzy is unmarried at 40 and Mike squats in a slum, despite prospects of his academic ingenuity. We don’t see the tears of Lizzy at board meetings, but she does cry when she rolls up the tinted glasses of her SUV. Mike’s contemporaries are top executives in their different industries. It’s difficult for him not to become an alcoholic. It is why a lady broods in melancholy and the man subscribes to nuisance nature. Blood issues leaves us to the alternative of floundering, so we don’t lose out totally. It’s why Lizzy hopes for a failed marriage, to the very least be administered the Mrs prefix.

Blood issues are perpetuations of wickedness. Evil contrivances from the coven of powers and Principalities. Blood issues will defy every human known knowledge, lacks human diagnosis and prognosis. Demonic alterations to stop you from fulfilling your destiny in Christ Jesus. The Lady with the issue of blood suffered shame and mockery for 12years till she met Jesus(Luke8:43). You will be faced with ambivalent feelings. Pity, parody, ostracism. The atmosphere of commiseration; whispers and looks that consoles. Hope you get that feeling. Until you meet Jesus, blood issues vehements accompanying you to the grave while deterring you from fulfilling destiny. Blood issues are life battles won with persevering hope in the place of faithful and consistent prayers (Rom12:12). Blood issues don’t require carnal weapon but the full armor of God. (EPh6:11). For 12 years, she suffered chronic and acute pains, 12 years a slave. Total restoration came when she met Jesus. (Luke8:44,47). A thirty-eight year enslavement was healed at Bethesda(John5:5-9). The duration and condition of your afflictions doesn’t matter. It’s your unwavering Faith in Jesus that only him can give you liberty. Confront that life issue today with Faith ‘In the name of Jesus’. Congratulations you will experience that affliction no more.

To access the life of a Victor. You must have a relationship with Jesus. Confess Jesus as your Lord and savior today, believing he died for your sins and resurrected for your justification.




Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover

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Aladeloba Babatunde

Aladeloba Babatunde

Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover

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