The mountains shall rise beyond you, so shall the hill stay immovable. The oceans shall surge and tongues shall be lashed against you.

War against your soul the devil will rage, the beast of the field shall come against you and the birds of the sky shall oppose you.

You shall not find water in the streams, surely you shall go thirsty. Famine shall call you by name and drought shall be a companion. Sorrow shall find its place in your home, your smile will be upturned.

Your enemies shall start a banquet and your friends shall be their guest. Together they shall toast over your predicament.

Persia will hold your prayers and Heaven won’t hear your cries. Your tongues won’t see the ceiling of your room as heaven shall be shut. Your faith shall appear displeasing.

You will remember you sins and see them go before you. Mercy will not hear your call and Grace shall be at akimbo. Your supply of hope shall be cut off.

Yet, you must stand, faithful is he that has spoken: It shall not happen, it shall not come to pass. By his words the Earth took form and the heaven got foundations.

He owns the Day and the Night. No tongue shall lash without his command. No sea has surged without his words. War shall rage, Victory shall be yours.

Fear not the terror, nor the arrows. They will fly but you are not the target. Arrows don’t hit gods, you are his deputy. You shall laugh at famine and drought, they are errand tools to your Father.

Though you gasp, this water won’t drown you. The fire you walk through can’t burn you, the flame can choke,but it won’t kindle. Just hold on believing, His Grace is sufficient…. He knows you are weak.

Your tent he shall secure and thy inventory shall not decrease. Who else can do this?. The beast shall return for peace and the birds a treaty.

He is the king without a kingmaker, he who strolls outdoor and maintains indoor sovereignty. The one who won’t see death. His breath moves the mountains and at his echo hills flee.

Your help in time past, and hope in years to come. From ancient times, he speaks of the end. He is both the first and last. Unfathomable Attributes!!! Who is like him? Tremble not, Fear not. He is God and changeth not.

Your enemies shall call for truce and your friends shall seek your face again. Twice have your heard, power belongs to him alone. The enemy only thought of power….. He has no bit of it.

Nothing shall separate you from his love, he is drunk in Love. He gave up his Son for you. Who does that? Jesus won the war, you got the crown. You are more than a conqueror. Who shall be against you? IF GOD BE FOR YOU.

Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover

Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover