How to Find Your Career Sweet-spot in High School

Aladeloba Babatunde
4 min readJul 14, 2019

Senior Year is the best time to sit down and plan your career — Unknown

Jesus had a career in ministry, Tiger Woods is a great golfer, Serena Williams is about the most successful Tennis player and we remember Martin-Luther king for his role in governance.

Not every person made a career choice in high school or even college. Some stumbled on their career, while others made a career from their skills.

However, one thing is peculiar in the conversations of great men, they wished they had found the career sweet-spot while in high school.

If you want to find greatness early in life, become a millionaire at 30, retire at 35 and have your name in your industry’s Hall of fame, then you should find a career in high school.

And here is how to do that.

Identify Your Skills or Talent

You have a skill that is uniquely yours, and you must recognize that while in high school.

Eminem was born a lyricist, Lionel Messi a footballer and the Famous preacher, Benny Hinn, always wanted preach the gospel.

Look for those things that appeal to you naturally, without much difficulty. What you will happily do, even when you are unhappy, or what you pour your energy at when mummy screams at you.

I did a lot of poetry works when my Father died. It was the only way I could console myself when my friends were not around. Poetry and storytelling is what I like to do.

Jeff Bezos’ mother has spoken of how little Jeff was fixing the Air Conditions, the plumbing work and was always at the garage. Jeff wanted to fix everything, and now Amazon is fixing almost all our needs.

What can you do if there were no schools or colleges? That’s your skill or talent.

Sit back after class today and make a list of your skills or that which you like doing. It could be playing games, braiding your friend’s hair or even caring for people.

Get to Know Your Interests and Strengths

TY Bello is a Nigerian photographer with interests in portrait and lifestyle.

Chimamanda Adichie is a writer, but interested in fiction and telling African stories, while the prominent Wole Soyinka writes Prose and Drama.

Your interests make you original, carves a niche for you and creates your space in your area of skill.

Not every footballer will be scoring goals, and not all doctors attend to children.

Tiger woods is a golfer, Usain Bolt an athlete, Roger Federer is a tennis great. All sportsmen, but with different interests.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a striker, Mesut Ozil is a Midfielder — both footballers but different strengths.

What interests you, defines the stories you want to tell or the problems you want to solve. You can be skilled in photography, and be interested in only Celebrities.

Your interests are the causes you care about, and how you want your skill or career to be perceived. Do you want to be a celebrity photographer, a dentist, or as marathon athlete.

What part of the Economics Teachings do you like, which of the Delicacies do you enjoy cooking at home, and what information do you seek on Google? These are your interests.

Everyone has interests, including high school students. I am a writer with an interest in social causes and faith-based writings.

Get More Knowledge

You would always find a newer knowledge that matches your skills, strengths and interests.

As a faith-based writer, i have an online certificate in content writing and i study scriptural materials.

We live in an age where acquiring knowledge is easier that ever. Acquiring new knowledge guarantees you mastery and increases your value.

Successful people get more knowledge, you should too. Talent is never enough.

PS. Ensure that your skill or area of interest is in high demand and that people will pay for it.

When you find your innate ability or acquire a skill that interests you, it is the first step to picking a course in the university, and then building a formidable career.

An interest in childcare together with acquired knowledge in medicine means you could have a career in pediatrics.

Your career sweet-spot is the peak of all the possibilities of your profession. It’s the part of your abilities where you perform the best. It’s the area of your expertise where you are most effective and people will pay the most for it.