How Relationships Affect Your Academic Success

Relationship remains one of the greatest gifts God gave to man. God understood the need for social interaction and communion and he gave a partner to Adam (Gen 2:22).

Likewise, relationships are very significant in our quest for academic excellence.

The top reason why we are enrolled in high school is to get good grades, graduate and go to college. However, we can’t go through high school living in complete isolation. We would need one or two buddies to hang out with.

These persons are basically classmates, and sometimes senior school friends among others to help you get through your academic pursuit.

These buddies would have your back when you miss a class, help you with assignments, and better explain what you missed out from the instructor.

I had a pal in High School named Richard; coincidentally we were both transfer students from another school. It was quite difficult linking up with returning students as we were both new. We hit off while doing registration, and were always together at the class adviser's office at break time.

Richard and I formed a good company from talking about the Uefa Champions League, Playing games to having our snacks together at break. At the end of the harmattan exams, we both had poor results and were on the verge of retaking the class. We had one more set of exams to get through the fourth year of high school.

The first thing we did after making plans, was to reach out to other guys who were better than us in class. We had to learn about their culture, how they studied and prepared for exams.

It was from these guys that we learnt each course instructor had a preferred approach of answering test and exam questions.

What worked for the Mathematics instructor didn’t cut it for the Additional Maths Tutor, even though they were members of the same faculty.

We didn’t know all of these when it was just both of us.

Relationship exposes you to a new and better perspective of life.

The reason why you don’t get more than a 50 in General Studies is simply that, your knowledge of it is limited. All you can attain by yourself is half the obtainable mark, hence reaching out to a buddy in class can get you an extra 20%, which equals distinction in some schools.

You can’t be better than the level of relationship at your disposal.

If you walk in academic isolation, you might never reach the best version of yourself.

Academic isolation will constrain you to only your kind of knowledge.

Relationship in school brings out a better you, helping you to explore areas and ability that were fallow. These buddies help you get interested and excel in course works, you always had fears for.

I disliked Additional Maths to the extent that, I always walked out of the class before the instructor comes in. I didn’t see any reason for staying in a class where I wouldn’t understand what the instructor was teaching.

Three months after getting along with new classmates, I wrote my Additional Maths Papers and made a B grade. I fought my tears because it always seemed impossible.

Getting along with brilliant course mates in school makes impossible become I’m possible.

School relationships are designed to meet your academic needs and help you get through high school excellently.

Relationships, could likewise ruin your academics.

There was this group in my High School, they called themselves JWISE. But they never showed any form of wisdom. Much of their conversations were about girls, money and the latest rap music.

I learnt about two out of them used to be A+ students, but all that changed when they joined the group. It was difficult concentrating in class, as they never even had complete class notes. They were very notorious; fighting teachers and classmates who got close to their girlfriends.

You can imagine Teenage High school guys who condescend to fight their teachers when they fail. It simply means they lost their school main concern.
Relationships can make you lose priorities as you begin to lose the focus of school precedence.

The brilliant boys among the group lost the focus of their academic goal and were struggling in school.

As a student, you must be aware that a negative relationship could ruin your image.

Let’s say you have an average score of 80 points in all your papers, then you make new friends and start scoring below 50. You lose respect before teachers, course mates and even your parents at home. Your name is no longer called out as those who topped the class, and the mockery that follows when you can’t answer simple arithmetic questions in class again.

Relationships can make you fail in school.

A relationship can make you a former champion, and you must remember the world prefers to celebrate present victories. All your former academic exploits will be easily forgotten.

School relationships have an influence on your academic success. I had advise that you make the right choice.




Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover

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Aladeloba Babatunde

Aladeloba Babatunde

Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover

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