Here is how to know when you Should have a Boyfriend as A Teen Girl

Having a boyfriend is a question that races through the mind of every teen girl.

Teen girls always look out to their first kiss, and if it’s true that there will be butterflies in their Tommy.

I was having a conversation with a Teenager recently, and she asked me if she could be in a relationship.

I think I really do like him she said, “he is cute, caring, speaks very well and most other girls want him also. “ I had been the lucky girl if I finally get hold of him she concluded”.

Teenage girls’ desire boyfriends. They want to hang out, hold hands, take a stroll in the hallway, share kisses and explore each other’s body.

Teen girls want to stay up with their dates on the phone, giggle at his jokes, send him pictures on WhatsApp, and lol at him on Instagram. They want to filter his picture on Snapchat, and probably rest on his shoulder in class.

But, when is the best time for Teen girls to start dating?

When she is sixteen, Eighteen?

After High School or when she gets in the university.

Is there is a great time to saying yes to the boy’s request for dating?

There is almost no perfect time or age to have a boyfriend as a Teen girl.

However, there are things you should know before saying yes to the boy who sends you smile emoticon every morning.

Firstly, as a Teen girl, you should be able to define why you want a boyfriend.

Is it because all other girls in the class have a boy who walks them to the cafeteria. You also want to cuddle, or it’s just to have a boy buddy to gist with.

As a Teen girl, you should be able to spell out why you want to have a romantic relationship. It should not be because of the pressure of friends, the urge to kiss or simply to show off your boy.

It is fine that you also want to be kissed, told how pleasant you smile or have a boy rub your hair in class. All these just confirm that you a growing girl with feelings and a working hormone.

However, emotions and hormones should not tell you how to navigate your life, especially with boys.

Your rationale for having a boyfriend will help you define your standards in a boy; the limits, expectations and roles with the boy you will pick as your sweetheart.

When you can justify the need for a boyfriend, you will know the stage or time you are ready for one.

Maybe at sixteen or probably in college, or when you are fit enough to handle a few emotional dramas.

Up Next — Boyfriend Benefits

Are there Benefits to having a boyfriend as a Teen Girl?

Benefits in simple words are the profits of a relationship.

Ice creams, Movie nights, Lunch dates, Shawarmas and cuddles are supposed benefits of teen dating.

However, you should be able to define if these are top priorities as a Teen girl.

In your scale of preference — if boyfriend benefits don’t have space at the top, then you can shut the door to your heart to every Harry and Kane throwing stones at your windows.

Are you ready to bring boyfriend time up to the ladder, because of Pizzas and Kisses? Can you balance arithmetic tutorial hour and time with your date?

Can you give up your Siesta to be on the phone with a boy for a few hours?

The boyfriends’ time will consume priorities that will serve you greatness later in life.

The benefits that accompany time on a date are sweet, yet ephemeral. They have a very short life span.

No kiss exceeds 20 minutes. Your shawarma will be devoured in 15 minutes and movie nights always has an end.

While all these seem enchanting, you know they can’t substitute the priorities of your life as a Teenager.

2 Hours for boyfriend every day makes up a huge 60 hours monthly, which is about the time to learn a new language, develop skills in graphic design and basic java programming, or become friends with the Holy Spirit.

Imagine giving boyfriend time to achieving excellence in schooling or your walk with the Holy Spirit.

Until you can bring a balance between your Teen life priorities and boyfriend time, then stay away from the boys who says “i see you in my dreams every night”

Send a voice note indicating that you are not interested to the boys disturbing you on whats app.

The Joker — Boyfriend Drama

More Teenage girls will get depressed over a heartbreak.

2 in every 10 Teen girls who experience down time with their boyfriend will commit suicide.

I tell teen girls all the time, that don’t get into a relationship if you are not ready for the dramas of a boy.

In as much as he is a guy, probably older than you or even your contemporary, he has his bad sides.

This guy will scream at you, hung up the phone on you, and probably is hitting on another girl. He will sometimes ask for his space when you want to spend time with him and at other times he will simply be unreasonable.

If you guys are doing ungodly stuff like kissing, romancing or having sex. Be ready, that he is telling his friends about all the noises you make during sex.

And I can imagine how you feel when his friends make an imitation of your screams during classes.

He will make decisions without telling you, and inflate his Ego when you question him. He will lie about a football match, not call when you sick, silence his call when with the boys, and steal out to sip alcohol when has promised to stop drinking.

You will be wondering if he loves you or not. Whether or not he loves you, you are only experiencing the dramas of having a boyfriend.

You might lose part of your sleep, become less concentrated in class or even have endless, ridiculous arguments that you are not emotionally matured to handle.

If, however, you can’t keep up, with the dramas, send a text to the boy who has promised you a date at prom that boyfriending can wait till adulthood arrives.




Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover

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Aladeloba Babatunde

Aladeloba Babatunde

Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover

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