God Are You There?

Heaven is never off-net…..

Aladeloba Babatunde
1 min readJul 17, 2016


God is not subject to time, space and location. He is Omni-everywhere, while seated in heaven.

Where exactly are you calling from, the hill of the Lord or the valley of flesh?

Put your Palm to your face, let’s take footages of your heart….. your iniquity goes before you. Now take a shower in the pool of Calvary.

What are you seeking, his heart or hand? This intimacy is too sudden. He is mirroring this also. What’s the condition of this acclaimed love? Trials, Affliction or Heaven’s oil well.

Remember you aren’t good enough, he still loves you. Burst forth like King David. Pant after him In praise.

What does he say concerning you? You are more than a conqueror. Remind him, he takes full responsibility for his words.

Don’t ornament words, he is the origin of all tongues. Just ensure the heart speaks, the lips may move. He knows ahead, still Speak!

Stay quiet a bit, you are doing all the talking. Give a chance at his silence.

Now Ask, show sincerity. He has a nature of generosity. Stay persuaded while knocking, it will not tarry, the door shall open.

There are no deaf ears in heaven, neither are there feeble hands. Earth is just void of infallibility.

Heaven’s network won’t fail, Data plans are always in activation mode. It’s beyond our futuristic 5G dream.