Enoch, A Friend Of God.

It is agreed to the human mind that friendship is the most treasured form of relationship.

A certain percentage of global business partners, started out as friends. They only became financial partners through consensual economic objective, with capacity to solve a social challenge. Marital engagements met at the friendship point before the flames of intimacy kicked off.

Friendship is the mutual attachment or companionship of harmony between two persons or more. The focal objective of Friendship is to irrigate the desert of the other with all sincerity, without expectation.

Friendship is faithful, hopeful and aggressively committed to the well-being of the other person(s).

Friendship vegetates on the platform of faith, searching out how to please individuals involved at all times.

This was the kind of friend Enoch was to God.

The man,Enoch pleased God in all of his ways, at all times. This attribute was a function of his unwavering Faith in God.

Enoch didn’t hope in God’s ability or promises. He was certain and very sure of God’s personality. He had an unprecedented desire for the person of God.

Enoch was not concerned about the treasures of heaven or the fiery furnace in hell. He just delighted in the heart and presence of God.

Enoch woke every morning to prepare to meet God. He always thought about God penultimate nights and even had revelations of heaven in his dreams. He just was not satisfied, everyday his appetite to be with his friend expanded.

Enoch had an habitual fellowship with God. (Gen5:22 AMP). He walked with God Steadily, (Gen5:24 MSG) at all times without stumbling.

He earnestly waited for God every moment to exchange occurrences. He always wanted to be with God. He told God how he met his wife, where he met her and what she first said. He told God her reaction and how she giggled.

He told God about his business, competitors and how the economy was changing. He delighted in being around God. His call log, SMS log were splashed with God’s contact. He called God last event at night and first thing in the morning.

Many nights he stayed up to fellowship and have deep conversations with God. Conversations only Friends can have. He heard mysteries only those who pleased God heard.

Enoch shared his temptations with God, talked about the thorn in his flesh and thanked him for provision of escape route. He never burdened God with his trials or troubles, He was persuaded God’s nature was up to the task.

He knew God had no plan of evil for him, thus the trials will pass away. He praised God, thanked him, worshiped him and prayed to him effortlessly. He did this habitually for 300years and never missed a moment of fellowship with God.

Seeking God was a lifestyle to Enoch. He never got weary of it. His fellowship was faith dependent, which was directly proportional to love. Constant fellowship positioned him for the mind of God.

He was always renewed. He knew and tested all the wills of God; good, pleasing and perfect. He represented God in all he did, sleeping, eating, relationship. He offered all to God and he was shown the pleasing act of worship, revealed as a result of faith.

God gave Enoch a prophetic ability, he revealed to him the “After Christ” judgement of godless men. (Jude1:14-16).

He walked with God in fear and obedience, with so much reverence. He never saw God has his contemporary. God was divine(a spirit), he was human (flesh and blood). He never crossed boundaries.

Enoch pleased God so much His enemies had no legal ground, so they were at peace with him.

Enoch and God set out one day, on their routinely walk, and God didn’t allow him return.

God was so pleased with his Faith that he took him from the surface of the Earth. Enoch skipped death. (Heb11:5). Friends and family searched for him, he was not found.

They earnestly expected his return, his wife stayed at the window all day. God couldn’t just let go off the guy.

He was the reason why God strolled the Earth, to have pleasing conversations. Then God made the choice to keep him by his side in heaven. Who shall contend with such decision? Heaven hijacked him and decided he was not going to stay on the Earth among godless men again. He was already qualified for heaven.

God couldn’t afford too see Enoch die, go through the torment of pre-death events and see his body decay or cremated.

Enoch was supposed to die and return to dust, it is the human order of life. God changed that rule for a man who pleased him by faith. Can any contend with this still?

Enoch walked with God 300 years, but learnt how to work with him for 65years.

To access the life of a Victor. You must have a relationship with Jesus. Confess Jesus as your Lord and savior today, believing he died for your sins and resurrected for your justification.




Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover

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Aladeloba Babatunde

Aladeloba Babatunde

Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover

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