Christmas is a season of glamour and glitz, when we felicitate with loved ones. Church carols, music concerts, cinema dates and Santa Claus events are the modern characters of Christmas.

The eminence of Christmas is God’s disposition towards humanity on the need for a saviour. Man had been separated from the creator, and God needed a quick and permanent fix to propitiate the sin of man. We must understand the dimension on why God sent his son, Jesus Christ to save the world. A lot of stories build around this, but let’s view it from the perspective of the Israelites in Egypt.

God appeared to Moses in a burning Bush, to call him to his divine assignment (Exo3:2-7). Moses had been destined to lead the deliverance of the Israelites from the land of Egypt. The Israelites had spent 400 years in Egypt as slaves. They were in transgenerational servitude.

They did everything for the Israelites, without expectations of reward or wages. They had become accustomed to this and were now in mental incarceration. Moses had initially fled home, for the murder of an Egyptian while trying to defend an Israeli.

God gave Moses instructions on how he would carry out the deliverance. The Israelites Exodus out of Egypt was faced with a lot of constraints from Pharaoh. Even when God visited Egypt with plagues, Pharaoh was still obstinate on letting the Israelites go.

Pharaoh didn’t allow the Israelites leave, until God struck all the firstborn in Egypt. Pharaoh had lost the heir to his throne, the excellence and might of his strength. The terror of more calamity from God made him let the Israelites leave.

The Israelite left Egypt and went on to worship God in the wilderness. Many times the Israelite had to sacrifice the blood of animals to make atonement for their incessant sins.

God gave the Israelite commandments, to ameliorate their unholy ways. This was also not effective enough to pare down man’s sinful nature. Sin became the personal of man when Adam fell to the deception of the devil at the Garden Eden. Man had thus been unable to return to the original provenance of perfection and relationship with God.

The Adamic nature was an asthmatic expression, choking life out of man.

Man manifested numerous evil dimensions as a function of sin. Immorality, debauchery, sodomy, rebellion, murder, deceitfulness, hatred became normative to mankind. Sin made man to seek alternative to God; Sorcery, witchcraft, idolatry, Divination, Marine prowess etc. All of these disdain acts only widened the gap between man and God.

Man had to resolute to animal sacrifice on every event of sin and disobedience to God. Blood was the only acceptable resolute to Sin; It is a spiritual currency.

The challenge was the blood of animals had a short term Insurance scheme. The premium was annual.

The spiritual value of man and animals was disproportionate. Animals couldn’t atone effectively for the sin of man. The value of sin was inflating exponentially and the devil appeared to be taken control of humanity.

The cost of Sin was death and hell seemed to be expecting more of God’s creatures. Devil was battling God for the soul of mankind. He was out to tempt man and expedite man’s continuous fall out with God.

There was only one dimension to perfect atonement, a man had to die for the sins of humanity. That was the only absolute redemption.
The genome of man was corrupted already and God’s criteria for perfection was God himself. God is not man, he didn’t have blood. It was imperative that a means was sorted out to return man to his original place.

God devised a scheme, out of his manifold wisdom and love. He became man. God incarnated in his son, Jesus Christ. He put on flesh and was born of a virgin. He bypassed the sin nature. Christ was born of the seed of the Holy Ghost without carnal knowledge of virgin Mary.

The Birth of Christ heralded light into a world already ravaged by darkness. The stars in the sky shone brightly and men knew the promised King had arrived. The words of The prophet Isaiah had found fulfillment. To us child is born. The world shall be upon his shoulder. His name shall be called wonderful, counsellor, Prince of peace(Isa9:6–7). Christ was born to restore peace to a chaotic world, by his wondrous works.

The counsellor which the advisory council of the world would seek. Wonder why men marveled at his wisdom (Mark6:2). Earthly and spiritual government will be upon his shoulder.

He would become the head of every power and Authority(Matt28:18). He would become decisive in National matters and spiritual warfare. The light of Jesus was so bright, that the devil saw it in hell. He then incited Herod the great to murder Jesus, on the account of Jesus being a threat to Herod’s throne. Herod’s attempt to kill Jesus was foiled by the Wise Men’s failure to disclose the abode of baby Jesus.

The Birth of Jesus heralded the greatest love story.

It’s the precursor of man’s victory over the devil . It begins the journey to remission of our sins. One memorable Holy night, virgin Mary went into Labour and she was delivered of a baby child, Emmanuel. God had come to be with us. The Lamb of atonement had been brought Forth. Jesus found a place with the lowly, in the pen of Horses wrapped in a Manger . Angels in their glory sing Hallelujah as God’s beloved son, cuddled up the body of virgin Mary.

The Birth of Christ commences the Grace Era and the salvation pathway. Our freedom from the strangulating law.

Today, in commemoration, Christ’s infant light still shines yonder and I proclaim to you the birth of the messiah.

Behold Christ the King.

Behold the Lamb.

Merry Christmas.




Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover

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Aladeloba Babatunde

Aladeloba Babatunde

Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover

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