Aladeloba Babatunde
5 min readSep 28, 2016


The HR job description is one of the most stressful roles in today’s world. Organisations are beginning to sublet recruitment exercise to specialist outside the organisation. These specialists are trusted to monitor the process with stringent evaluating metrics and consulting organizations expect candidates with apt skills in vacant roles. They expect candidates with understanding in character and apt for learning of corporate culture. Candidates who will be remarkable brand representatives of the organisation. The in-house HR system is constrained to evaluating performances and character after employment. They determine benefits, bonuses, promotions; design and enforce disciplinary measures on employees.

There was a similar exercise in ancient Babylon. Babylon is the modern day Iraq that stretches from Mesopotamia. Nebuchadnezzar was the king of Babylon and had just captured Jerusalem and besieged the nation. He made captives their King, Queen, royals and the whole house of Judah. The population of Babylon had increased due to captive influx from Jerusalem. The king thus needed new cabinet members to fill roles arising from populace expansion. It is why GTBANK is continually recruiting to meet demands of increasing customer base. Nebuchadnezzar called upon Asphenaz, who doubled as Head of cabinet and Recruitment superintendent. Asphenaz was a trusted official of king Nebuchadnezzar’s kingdom. Very Reputable. The king trusted him to recruit Israeli candidates that meets royal requirement and skilled for royal job description. The Babylonian recruitment took a while, the time definite was not mentioned in Bible literature though. Among the successful candidates were Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Ahaziah.

Recruitment process is always closely followed by Training School. Training is an organisation owned or facilitated academy, aimed at infusing verbatim; organisation technical and management structure in candidates. Students are taught supply chain processes and business development goals of the organisation. Training School helps the organisation identify strengths and weakness of potential employees. Training school is the expository phase of Organisations. Caucuses are formed, secrecy is revealed and shadows are brought to light.

Babylonian training school was a three-year program. The training school unveiled a secret code of Nebuchadnezzar empire: Babylonian Caucus, the idolatry system of the king. The system ensured new recruits were to pay homage to the idols of Babylon. The four Hebrew men decided not to be part of the idolatry system and did seek permission. The Head of training was obstinate at first sighting the kings wrath as a significant premise. God then caused Daniel, the Hebrew boys spokesman to find favour before Asphenaz (Dan1:9). The ways of the Hebrew boys were innocent, so were their thoughts(Prov16:2). They had only the God agenda at heart.

The contemporary world is an organisation in continuous recruitment and training of cosmopolitans. We live in a world built around caucuses and godless-interest. These caucuses are founded on ideologies and agendum of secrecy. Caucuses regulated by ungodly codes and conduct, with an ostensible agenda of prosperity. These caucuses have defined training programs for both the secular system and the church. It is why the Bank’s Director demands Moji graces his bed and the choral leader demands kickback to have Bro Segun at the Mic stand. It is a system that has set up immoral and corruption conglomerate in Organisations of the world. The world’s skyscrapers and edifices have their goals and objectives alleging to idols of Babylon. It’s a system that we have been called to be part of. A system that needs us to bridge the divide between the world and our faith. Daniel and the Hebrew men were called to bridge the communication divide between Babylon and Jerusalem. It is why they were trained in Babylonian Language. We cannot deny understanding the world’s language. It Is the system we should not make patronage. Nebuchadnezzar’s agenda was to indoctrinate idol worship in citizens of Jerusalem and Judah. He had to appoint men of Jerusalem’s ruling house into his cabinet. The idea was to infiltrate Israelis through their nobles. A well crafted political design. The four Hebrew men had the agenda of God to play out, a reason why shedrack, Meshack and Abednigo were able to oppose worship of Nebuchadnezzar’s image. They didn’t conform to the inglorious system during avocation phase.

The world’s agenda is to institute us into a godless assemblage. The system then places impious obligations on us, immediately it helps us bypass ideal procedures. It is why your uncle’s friend keeps demanding for postemployment sex. You have to keep your job, and political godfathers mount fund misappropriation pressures on their god sons in public office. Your ability to oppose the godless demand is constrained. You conformed to regulations of the caucus. The Babylonian system has her agenda for recruiting you, so does God through you. Daniel and his Hebrew friends opposed the Babylonian Caucus and became God’s representative. They didn’t keep quiet when evil propositions were placed on them. (Dan3:12,16-18) (Dan6:10).

We are all part of a particular system in the world today. Matrimony, corporate world, Ministry and elected offices are systems outplayed in today’s world. The tragedy of modern Christianity is that we have played allegiance to secrecy of darkness, we have sealed our lips when evil men terrified the society. We have condescended godliness to morality, we have redefined righteousness. We have traded God’s agenda for hoax promises of matrimony, fame, wealth, political slots and a place on the admission list. The confederacy of Heaven standeth, Christ is evaluating our works as ambassadors and readiness for the kingdom. He that overcomes shall be saved from the second death, shall eat of Heavens manna and shall be given power over the Nations (Rev2:11, 19&26).

Have we conformed to the godless Babylonian decree? or we are soldiers of Christ. Are we saying no to the policies of Babylonian idols or keeping quiet for the fear of Nebuchadnezzar’s wrath. The world is in chaos for silence of godly men (Provide29:2) and the conformity of the righteous to pruriency. Daniel and his Hebrew friends shown as a light to the world in their capacity. The king and his officials saw Jesus in the ways and lifestyle of the Hebrew men. Are men glorifying our Lord Jesus through our ways and works? It is imperative we show godliness from recruitment to appointment and repudiate violently Babylonian caucuses and demand. Be ye perfect, showing Christ in mind and character, integrating godliness in your daily lives(Matt5:48). “He that has ears, let him Hear”.

To access the life of a Victor. You must have a relationship with Jesus. Confess Jesus as your Lord and savior today, believing he died for your sins and resurrected for your justification.