A Little Something About Women For Men

A girl won’t grow up to be a man. – Never.

Appreciate all the nagging, pettiness and irrationality – it’s her mental adornment.

You don’t expect Egos and bass voices – do you?

Hormones, features and anatomy won’t change – Save a trans-gendering.

A woman was crafted for her own-self. No woman was created to submit to any man – only your wife.

Get this above all things – a woman is different from your wife.

A wife likewise is created first for her maker, herself then the husband.

Female colleagues and the lady in the Taxi don’t owe you submission— acknowledge them as Humans.

You don’t force a woman’s submission.

Give her something to submit towards – not money, Chivalry.

Economics works here –maybe the law of supply. The way of a man and woman has equilibrium. Civility.

Women love comfort, likewise men – we all do, cause humans are vain.

But every woman loves to be treated with graciousness.

Graciousness without expectations – what do you want in return anyways?

It’s love your neighbor as yourself not for yourself.

Every woman is your neighbor – including the sex workers you call prostitute.

Never force a woman against her wish – it’s a pre-rape culture.

She was created with a will also – respect her opinions.

Women like attention, not pestering. Suckling infants pester for breast, grown men pay attention to the stocks.

Don’t go around raising your voice – it’s notoriety.

You call the above manliness – she hears tyranny; pre-abuse. I call it weakling… Ariwo ko ni music

Vocal beats is not synonymous with Good music.

Stop seeking refuge in tyranny.

Tyranny should not be a response to a bruised ego – other men will bruise your ego.

Door opening doesn’t beget sex. Who taught you this?

You have no right to her body – it is hers, first and only.

She decides who gets her body - don’t press, don’t restrategise . Brush it off and use the door you opened.

A final brief – optimism is charming. Yes - curtail your masculine entitlement.

Treat a woman right.




Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover

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Aladeloba Babatunde

Aladeloba Babatunde

Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover

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