Aladeloba Babatunde

Aug 23, 2017

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A Lamp Upon A Stand 2

Apostle Paul after his first encounter with God asked the question – what will you have me do? (Acts9:6).God sent him to preach the gospel among the gentiles and this he did in the might of the Holy Ghost (Acts26:17).

Every man whom God has called and received the light of the gospel has a particular assignment.Understanding our Kingdom undertaken makes the dissemination of the gospel of Christ readily available for souls drawn away from God. It is imperative that we get to know our particular assignment in the gospel – it helps the man on assignment to define, develop and implement his outreach mechanism. God goes ahead of a man to prepare the hearts of the people and also gives acceptable utterances to that man he is using for the assignment. Paul specifically struggled to evangelize to the Jews, he was imprisoned, mocked, stoned and too many times left for dead or wrongly accused and brought before the synagogue.

The assignment of every man in the Kingdom is delivered as he received the light of Christ – God disseminates this information after the man must have met him and spent time upon his mountain. The assignment was delivered to Moses at his encounter with the burning Bush – that he will bring deliverance to Israel from Egypt. Aaron was sent as a partner to Moses in bringing to fulfillment God’s project, likewise Barnabas and Silas, in lifting the hands of Paul. Every assignment in the house of God has specifications, timing and the place of conveyance. God grants us the measurement of this assignment as we continually stand in his presence and also helps keep the Lamp burning. The necessity of a burning Lamp is that it opens a door of utterance for the light and builds convictions in the hearts of the people – Moses finally got an open door when he returned from the mountain. The house of Israel became more convinced that God had sent him – prompting the Israelites to accept the deliverance agenda. The gentiles more embraced Paul – they acknowledged Christ in him and always wanted to hear him talk about the gospel.

King David was raised to influence the House of Israel through governance, Israel wanted a king, and God didn’t want their hearts turned away from the light. David had a personal altar; this he showed in his administrative duties (2Sam23:3-4) – he made decisions in government only after consulting God, he understood the possible impact of an assignment that doesn’t contain Light. The attendants of King Saul had noticed the light in David, even as a shepherd boy (1Sam16:18) – it built a conviction in their hearts. They recommended him to minister to the king in songs – a burden was lifted from Saul after David’s ministration, as there was light in that assignment. King David led the people with a righteous Judgment – even after the incidence of Absalom, Israel returned to their king for he was a man who showed them light (1Sam19:41-43).

The modern church Is full of vessels with misappropriation of lights without a lampstand – men who carry light and do not seemingly know their assignment. They have mistaken human ability to function in congregational obligation (a position considered God’s calling by men in the church). They are celebrated by the church, a larger congregational reach, but men have no conviction of light through them. I imagine if Aaron had functioned in Moses’ assignment – and then builds an idol of gold to be worshipped. Aaron would have mitigated the plan of God for Israel at that time, and the percentage of Israel that had convictions will be infinitesimal. Seemingly, he didn’t contain the light for the deliverance agenda — he was only a lamp support. There was a phenomenal transformation in Paul’s assignment when he decided to preach to the gentiles only (Acts18:6). The imperative of a lamp stand is that it grants the Lamp a platform to show light to those who would come into the room, so is a man who finds his assignment in Christ – it builds an experiential conviction of the gospel to his congregation.


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