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Aug 16, 2017

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A Lamp on A Stand 1

Jesus in his early interactions with his disciples had called them light upon a hill, this description refers to every believer. He admonishes his disciples that they have the kingdom obligation of illuminating life of men here on Earth. It is a responsibility that every believer must respond to, as it facilitates God’s perfect will on the Earth. This illustration had thus created an impression of what and how a believer should conduct or act.

Christ in his later teachings used a lamp to make illustrations of having light in a believer. He said No one, when he has lit a lamp Will put in a vessel or hide under a bed (Luke8:16). The indwelling of a man after he has encountered Christ produces light (an expression of the Kingdom lifestyle).

This light is manifested as predetermined by the author of the light – it operates In gifts of the Holy Spirit and the works which the carrier of the light has been assigned. It is not just imperative, but desiring of a man after he has met with Christ that he also wants other men to know Christ – this man looks for ways as strategised of the Holy Ghost to show the life of Christ in him to the world. For a man to lit a light is to have Christ revealed to him, it is not just the ability to function in the miraculous or bring down fire in prayers.

It’s a life that is ordered after Christ with the aim of reconciling men back to God. The light produced is an indwelling of the Holy Ghost by standing before the Lord. It’s a life that is perceptible even without lifting a finger to perform miracles, it’s this life that men saw in Peter and John – they acknowledged that these pillars of the gospel had been with Christ(Acts4:13).

Jesus understood that when anyone comes in contact with him, he becomes transformed (death of the Adamic nature) and the new man formed desires likewise that every man experiences the reality of Christ – that man does not therefore hide the newness that he has become. He constantly searches for expressions for this new life which is full of Joy, peace, love and represents God’s kingdom on Earth.

Therefore when a man has light, he cannot contain conversations about Christ and the gospel, his conduct is righteous because Christ now lives and not him again. This new man exemplifies the works of redemption everywhere he goes – he shows Christ in the school, business, workplace and the atheists.

Paul was such man, he couldn’t contain the apostolic works, not because of the apostleship but he desires that everyman becomes like him in Christ. It was this inability to hide his light that got him constantly stoned by the Jews, brought before the procurators (Felix and Festus), and also appeared before King Agrippa II on legal grounds.

Paul while answering to government officials, alleged of causing uproar in the city, was very intentional about his answers – still telling them about the Gospel. He mentioned about resurrection and repentance to the teachers of the Law and told Felix that he hoped King Agrippa II becomes like him (Acts23,26).

A man who has encountered the light of Christ is a lamp constantly looking for paths of men to illuminate, he searches out the stand (designation and place of Assignment) which he will use to reach men to respond to the works of Christ on the cross. He doesn’t go into hiding and absconding from his evangelical responsibility - He counts it worthy in every season to talk to someone about Jesus. This new man understands the importance of the Christ like life and he so desires that everyman conforms to the image of Jesus.

The appetite of a man who has found light is unbridled – the Holy Spirit quickens him, he has no shyness for the gospel and willing to go the limits in every capacity to give light to other men. Like a new bride who cannot hide the change of status, so is a man whom has found Christ – he cannot hide the light.

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