A King Like other Nations

The desire for a king by Israel, was very displeasing to the prophet Samuel (1Sam8:6–7). This prompted Samuel to seek the face of God on the discourse. God told Samuel that the children of Israel had rejected God as king and not the prophet himself. It comes to mind that the Israelites were right to demand for a new leader, since the present leaders were not walking in the decree of God.

The demand for a leader meant Israel had stopped trusting God. The nation needed a physical evidence to God who talks through his prophets or servant. Israel wanted a king and not a Judge. A king who could lead them out to war. The state duties of the Judge was judicial; interpretation of the law of God and conflict resolution. Israel thought they needed more than Judiciary. They needed the physical presence of the legislator . The desire for a king was a person who will function in two capacities, the legislative and executive. This is the human capacity to make his own laws and interpret as he pleases.

The king of other Nations executed judgement on behalf of their nations. Israel wanted a king whom will execute judgment on her behalf. They had lost the patience to wait on God before embarking on journey or making decisions concerning them. They wanted to conform to the ways of the wicked nations. The refusal to submit our ways and thoughts to God, still keeps the Adamic nature alive . The nature with the eagerness to fulfill the desires of the flesh. The desire to be like other Nations, is to walk in the ways of the ungodly. The Moabites, Philistines and co. did detestable things before the Lord, they were not upright and hence were God’s enemy. Israel being under covenant were overseen by God himself. God legislated their laws, interpreted it through the mouth of his prophet and supervised the execution . God was the singular Authority in charge of Israel except in cases of rebellion.

Our desire to be like the world is on a geometric increase, daily we find ourselves as Christians in admiration of the lifestyle of unbelievers. We make demands without eternal values on God- wealth, affluence, cars, spouse etc. God in his fatherly duties knows we are in need of all these and has an appointed time to give to us. Our demands should not be in comparison with unbelievers; what God has to offer us is more glorious than what unbelievers have in their possessions. It is our inability to identify our position in God; we are of immense value to him (Psalm7:4–6)and this valuation has no capacity to lose its worth. When we align our thoughts and purpose to that of God for our lives, we would focus more on things of eternal values. Israel focused more on the tangible and earthly dominance. God didn’t create us to be poor, sick or without the material substance we desire. 3John2 states that “I wish above all things, that thou may prosper and be in good health….” Obviously, these are God’s desire for us as his children. The house of Israel didn’t know God had Jesus in plans for them, so they made demand for a king with earthly abilities. Jesus was to come in form of man but with the ability of the Holy Ghost – without limitations. Jesus was coming to rule the earth without the Adamic nature; a leader who was going to deliver the world from the hold of the enemy and rehabilitate the socio-spiritual nature of a dilapidated world. We need to view our lives via the purpose of God, the thoughts of God concerning us is of good, peace and not of evil with expected end. God has the future in mind – both on earth and in heaven. He has made provision that we may be seated with Christ Jesus in heavenly place, above rulers of this world. Plans that we operate in the power of the Holy Ghost – the miraculous, prophetic, apt to teach, etc.

Israel after demanding for a king, had so many Royals that turned their hearts away from God, they lost battles which they would have won without lifting a hand. The few kings that had a relationship with God – king David et al, still compromised their spiritual values. Israel suffered insurrection on the account of David’s sexual immorality- Absalom arose to overthrow the government. The house of Israel was divided upon Solomon’s immoral relations with gods of strange women and at other times, they were led into exile or afflicted because their kings turned their hearts away from God. Likewise we have also placed demands that continually turns our hearts away from God. We have been too busy with our jobs, relationships and also subconsciously been led into the ways of the unbelievers. The little works of righteousness we attempt, cannot meet up God’s standard, without the Lordship of Jesus.

It is encouraged that we wait for God in due season, our hearts are liable to turn away from God if our demands do not arrive at the appropriate time as designed by God. God has a providential preparation for our destiny. A relationship with the Holy Ghost, guarantees an insight into our glorious future. We are therefore able to understand and appreciate spiritual purpose – which the house of Israel lacked.


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