3 Ways to become Daddy’s Favourite

When was the last time you went on a date with your father?

Or you had your Dad attend the school games with you.

For most of us as Teenagers, we rarely bond with our fathers.

Fathers are generally perceived as the strict one of both parents in major parts of Africa. These men are in general obliged to have a stern looking face, get to work at day and come back late at night.

Most Teenagers have issues being Daddy’s guy or favourite little girl. We keep wondering why Daddy screams at us for the slightest reasons, won’t attend the school games, class presentations and won’t sit down to do school assignments with us.

Teenagers complain about being unable to bond with their fathers, and some are wondering if Daddy knows how to smile.

Here are 3 ways to your father’s Heart.

Good Grades

Father’s go the extra mile to ensure their Teens get the best of schooling.

Some fathers deny themselves the pleasure of exquisite accommodation, education furtherance, or buying the latest Cars for the educational goals of their Teens.

These men have just one expectation, which is you get good grades in all your school examinations.

For the fathers, good grades justify the huge sum they spend on your schooling.

If you are in a school were class rating still takes precedence, your father expects you to be among the top five in class.

If however, the report sheet shows only grades, your father expects to see a lot of distinctions and good commendations from your tutors.

Father’s perceive good grades as a reward for their hard work, late nights and business meetings.

Daddy might not be at the annual prize-giving, but he will surely put up your pictures on his Instagram account. He will boast to his colleagues and business partners about your academic exploits.

Good grades in school are ego boosters to fathers.

They have this satisfactory feeling when they behold the result and want to squeeze the life out of you. It simply means thank you, girl, for making me proud.

And I can assure you, when you ask for a Pizza, he will bring Dominos home for you.

Good Character

Every Daddy wants their Teens to be of good conduct.

I had this flat neighbour when I was a Teenager, whose father beat him at least four days a week. Seyi was a very brilliant child but had shortcomings in his character. If he wasn’t fighting at the community borehole, he had insulted an elderly person, or been accused of shoplifting.

Seyi was notorious as a Teenager, that he had bullied girls to be his girlfriends. His father had a dispute to settle every day on returning from work, and the man got weary from flogging him.

He had half his father heart simply because he got good grades in school, but caused his father a lot of embarrassment because of his character.

Character answers the integrity of a man’s fatherly capacity.

Being a well-behaved Teenager tells people that your father is doing great work in his Daddy roles.

Good conduct means Daddy can send you out, without the fear of people banging at his door in a few hours that your Teen has done wrong again.

Good Character involves being cheerful, respectful, humble and an addicted peacemaker.

Fathers always have a place in their hearts for their well-behaved children.

Daddy’s Chores

My Dad sometimes complained about the way I laid my bed or even if I spent too much time in the bathroom.

It didn’t bother me too much until money became a tradable commodity with him. I had to prove the urgency of every dime I wanted to collect from him.

One day, I sat with my elder sister and asked her; why Daddy does not like me? She answered with a straight face, saying — be responsible towards Daddy.

She continued by pointing out that, I never helped do his personal chores.

I obliged to my sister’s advice, and in weeks, Daddy was rolling out naira bills for me, and we could sit down and gist for hours.

Fathers are particular about their personal chores and obligations in the home, and therefore, drawn to who is getting it fixed.

Cooking, Housecleaning, and Laundry are general household chores which you should not be given an award for.

Take out time to look for tasks that matter to your father; it could be washing his underwear, making his favourite tea every morning or even cleaning his small poultry. When you do this, your father perceives you have his goodwill at heart.

Every time I fixed the poultry for my Dad, I was automatically off any chastisement at home, because you must give a reason why you want to punish Daddy’s boy.

These are ways to become Daddy’s favourite Teen.

I had advised that you do the father’s will, and you automatically get a place in his kingdom.

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