3 Ways to Avoid Teenage Peer Pressure

Aladeloba Babatunde
3 min readApr 12, 2019


Teenagers and peer pressure are one pair that always go hand in hand.

They are like the other famous pair which includes Bread and Butter, Rice and Salad, or Batman and Spiderman. These well-known pair have all rocked us since childhood, and we have no worries about them.

However, Teenage life and peer pressure is one pair that gets everyone worried — teachers, parents, and even Teenagers likewise.

One Teenager sent me a voice note on Whats App — Hi, Uncle is it possible for Teenagers to avoid peer pressure. Like can we just not do the stupid things our friends are doing?

Well, it’s the pain of a Teenager who is already being pressured into becoming like her peers, and she is trying to keep ahead from drowning.

Let’s Define Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is being persuaded or compelled by your contemporaries into instant gratification; doing things with negative consequences.

Peer pressure is receiving chats from your friends to go out on late nights, take alcohol and those other kinds of stuff you hide from your parents.

You see, it’s called peer pressure because you are compelled against your values.

You don’t want to do it, but a friend is persuading you because everyone within your age group is doing it.

You don’t want to inflate your school fees, but here are two of your classmates explaining how other boys in class are exploiting their parents.

But how do you Avoid peer pressure as a Teenager?

How do you tell your friends no to all their persuasions, and not seem like a mummy’s boy?

How do you turn down the persuasions to kiss a boy, or stab classes?

Flee Every Appearance of Peer Pressure

25% of Teenagers that didn’t bow to peer pressure opted out before the pressure.

When the clique of boys who sniff drugs at break approaches you for a hangout. You unapologetically take a walk out.

Don’t give pressure mongers the time to introduce themselves, what they do or where they are going. An introduction buys ample time into your mind, and they leave you with seeds that can be nurtured by other factors.

You don’t need to give them attention or try to explain why they are in the wrong.

My Bible tells me to flee every appearance of evil — evil here, doesn’t necessarily mean sexual immorality like most Christians interpret. It means to run away from any or every gathering that you perceive will put you in trouble in school or at home.

Contentment is Great Gain

One reason why Teenagers fall the prey of peer pressure is the inability to stay satisfied with what their parents can afford. Not every Teenager will have rich parents, hence you won’t be able to have a few luxury opportunities or provisions.

However, your admiration for the lives of the pressure mongers is the start of trouble for you. When you begin to wish you could also go on late nights, sexting or wear skimpy dresses.

All these wishes are inaudible requisite for peer pressure, hence when they come around, you easily fall to their strategy.

As a Teenager, just stay happy with whatever your parents can afford. Don’t wish for the smartphones or games that you are unsure of how your friends got them.

Your desire for peer pleasure is the absence of contentment.

Contentment over peer pleasure is great gain

Be Assertive

Always own up to your decisions in life.

Starting this from an early age will always help you at any point in your life. Ensure your decisions are born out of personal values that will likewise make your parents happy, and not one to impress your friends in school.

When friends walk up to you to stab classes, you should be confident enough to respond “I am going to class” and do make sure, you go to class.

Don’t fret when making your decisions, or saying No to gratifications with consequences. Let your peers know, what you stand for and live by it.

Remember being assertive does not mean you are rude — it is being able to influence yourself in the right course of life.

Avoiding Peer pressure can make you feel isolated or left out of the pleasure train, but you will always stay out of Teenage troubles.