3 Important Things to Consider Before Dating as Teenager

Are there things to consider as a Teenager before dating in high school?

Should you really contemplate on a few things before dating, or just go ahead and begin to hang out with your high school sweetheart.

I was already out of high school when I had my first girlfriend. I was about sixteen, skinny, broke and very shy. I was not even thinking of a girlfriend when a friend walked up to me and says Evelyn Likes you, and desires to be your girl.

Well not a bad idea, after all, I could have access to kissing and smooching occasionally. And be able to gist at the table of boys, about girlfriend escapades.

I didn’t, however, consider a few things, before jumping at the offer of dating as a Teenager.

These were things that influenced me directly and would determine how dating will be for any Teenager.


Nothing should be more important to you, than this guy, as a Teenager, whether you are in high school or college.

Being in school and getting good grades should remain a top priority for every Teenager.

In, as much, as there are claims that schooling won’t define your success in life.

Having a degree, will give you more opportunities and also refine you. I mean to make you a bit classy, than the guy who didn’t go to college.

You should breathe, live, and walk in your academics as a Teenager, more than you are considering dating.

I remember skipping a lot of tutorial classes to spend time with my sweetheart, and would return home late telling lies about how the instructors extended classes.

It thus affected my college admission results, not because the girl was a bad person, but at that time, we were not matured enough to balance priorities.

It dealt a serious blow to my college aspirations, and I certainly had at resolve for a lower cadre course in the university.

5 in every 10 Teenager’s academic performances drops when they enter into a relationship.

Teenage dating has a direct influence on your academics, as a significant time for school works is spent, sweethearting.

You must consider if excellence in your academics can be sacrificed for holding hands, kisses, and other benefits of being in the arms of your college sweetheart.


You should submit to the wishes of your parents as a Teenager

Some of your parent’s decisions might not go well with you, but you must accept them provided they do not contradict the scriptures, because they are in your best interests.

The Bible says, honour thy father and thy father, that your days may be long.

45% of American parents are conservative about Teen Dating, while over 70% of African parents do not encourage their Teenagers to be involved in intimate friendships.

One of the resolutions your parents will make for you as a Teenager, probably will be no dating.

Parents believe intimate relationships will distract you as a teenager, and that you are too young to expose yourself to frivolities or possible innuendos.

My mum, never liked the idea that I had a girlfriend, and immediately, she found out about this, she restricted how I used mobile phones at home.

I was freaking sixteen, and out of high school, I should have a bit of freedom. But, no, my mum frowned at the idea of a girlfriend and I submitted to that decision.

You must take into consideration your parents opinion of dating as a Teenager. I do not subscribe that you dishonour them, even if the relationship is kept secret.

Your parent’s decisions over your life must take eminence, and you must understand that whatever they say to you concerning dating should not be an opinion, but a decision.

If daddy, asks you to break up with your college sweetheart, I advise you do.


Does your faith allow you to be in a relationship as a Teenager?

Can you own up to God, that you in a relationship and talk to Him about your college sweetheart.

Like, Dear God, Fredrick has refused to take me to the movies, or he has stopped holding my hands in the hallway.

God will surely hear this prayer, but will he send a response to such request?

He doesn’t owe you answers about the choice of dating as a Teenager, as there are no words that bound him in the scriptures about teen dating.

You see, it’s not that God does not have marital plans for you as a person, but I assure you not in your Teen age.

God is the custodian of times and season.

He knows at that age, your priorities should be academics, financial provisions for your parents, and a walk with Him.

Dating will distract you from the Faith, as little compromises will set in. And if he ever encouraged, Teen dating, there would have been examples in the scriptures.

Teen dating will get your fingers burnt at intervals, and you are too special to have God test your readiness for a marital relationship at such season.

Unlike when you demand about taking the top position in class or asking for your school fees in prayers.

You cannot place a demand for a boyfriend in prayers, Heaven will bypass the mail.

Whatever your faith does not permit for a Teenager, should not come in your mailbox.




Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover

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Aladeloba Babatunde

Aladeloba Babatunde

Freelance Writer | Teenage Life Coach | Christ Lover

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